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White City Pioneer, Holy Song, Group Sprint, Encouragement, Cavalry Readiness, and Heaven’s Armament. The six cards fell into Brendel’s hand in a stack. As Brendel clenched his hand, all the cards transformed into countless white mystical characters and Lines of Laws which merged into his chest.

When Tuman saw this scene, he couldn’t help but ask, “Wouldn’t six cards be a bit too few as a separate deck?”

Brendel smiled, then shook his head.

“Kinda funny, I can probably see where you’re coming from.” The Elemental Emperor from the War of the Holy Saints reacted with a slight sigh, “You’re trying to draw the abilities of every profession in the world into your deck, combine them into one, and use the Cards of Fates to simulate very different power systems. Great idea! But there are so many different kinds of professions above Vaunte, can you perform them all with cards?”

“Of course.” These questions Brendel had already considered, and he replied confidently, “The World of Vaunte has gone through thousands or even tens of thousands of years of history. In that time, thousands of professions have evolved, and even different inheritances from different organizations can evolve into two very different professions. For example, the Star Knight and the Iron Scale of the Wind Elves were both inherited from the Star Legacy, but possess very different skills.”

“However-” he changed his tone, “Everything changes, and when it comes to the root cause, the power systems in Vaunte can only be divided into twelve. Among them, the warrior professions that seek the limits of combat skills and explore one’s potential are divided into two, the power-based warriors – mercenaries, swordsmen, and even noble knights can all be classified into one. The archers and assassins who pursue lightness and agility are on the other side of the scale. Then there are also the mages who explore the mysteries of the Laws, which include all of the Conjurers, String Mages, and Spellcasters. There is also the ruler of the elements, the Elemental Messenger – a profession you will be familiar with, Emperor.”

“Next are the sorcerers who manipulate chaos and Black Magic. Witches, Necromancers, and Adherents of Chaos are the best of the lot. And then there are the forces that control the balance of nature. Though the Archdruids and the Tree Shepherds are enemies, they both lie off the grid. Next is the favorite of the Goddesses Alice and Elaine. Those who interpret fate, Astrologers, are represented here.”

Tuman’s eyes could not help but light up slightly as he listened to Brendel interpret the professions. It was the first time in a thousand years that he had heard someone divide the continent’s power systems in this way. And the more he listened, the more he felt Brendel was very reasonable. Not only Tuman, but even Sanorso on the side paid close attention to what Brendel was saying.

Legend had it that a generation ago, Fort Ebabel stood tall. When the Grea

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