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The two of them stood on the cliff and gazed at the deathly silent valleys.

“Down there is the Holy Seal Valley. Do you remember the exact steps to capturing the Crystal Stag?” Brendel observed the landscape beneath them. The lower parts of the valley were also covered in dense forests of cedar, but on the grounds between the forests he could see sparkles of light, like stars scattered on the ground. That was the light from the Moonlight Grass.

“Get down.”

“Capture it.”

Brendel turned around and looked at the unperturbed female knight. That answer was exactly like something Bai Jia would give: simple, straightforward, and leaving no room for doubt.

“What are you looking at me for? With your current skills, it shouldn’t be hard for you to capture it. All I remember is that this valley is a concentric circle. The outer ring is where the frost demons live, and then there’s a shallow lake, so shallow that you can directly wade across in some parts.” Maynild looked calm as she breathed in the night breeze.

“You can get all of that from the Empire’s geographic magazines…”

“You guessed correctly, Mr. Brendel. I did get this information from the Manoweir Geographics published in Year 355. My dreams are fragmented and sometimes I have to verify everything using literature.” Maynild answered calmly.

“But you told me you can find the Crystal Stags! They only appear tonight at full moon around 3 or 4 in the morning. They walk along the River of Magic but I don’t have any experience finding the River of Magic…”

“I do, but you have to take me down first.”

Brendel sighed in relief and looked back at the pitch black forest. He nodded and said, “That’s not a problem.”

The region between the outer ring of the valley and the lake in the center was a slope that slanted towards the lake. There were big patches of cedar trees scattered loosely in the area, and Moonlight Grass dotted the ground between the cedar trees. They glinted in the moonlight and, from a distance, they looked like a field caught on fire. That was also where the frost demons resided. Frost demons were a type of Secondary Elemental Beings. They looked a bit like flattened paper figurines, except made of ice. Their powers were equivalent to about three skeletal troopers and they had more HP than those creatures as well. But they didn’t have any special attacks aside from a magic spell called “Blizzard Blade.”

As a low-level monster, frost demons also lacked intelligence and operated purely on beastly instincts. Therefore, hunters could set out traps and capture them. The magic core in their body, the Frost Core, could be used as a poor quality substitute for magic crystals and was sold for a pretty penny on the market.

But Brendel had no intentions of dealing with these creatures — most frost demons liked to travel in packs, especially in areas near their nests. He did not want to have these monsters attack him as a group.

This was the first

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