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Chapter 760 v4c134

Breaking Cocoon (1)

A small group of Kirrlutzian knights climbed down the steep glacial cliff and slowly approached Yoakam’s corpse. The body was nailed to the ground in a grotesque position by the tremendous force of the arrow. This Undead had long since perished, with black eyes and its Soul Fire extinguished.

The knight in the lead could not help but let out a long sigh, the warm breath in the cold canyon woven into thin white mist, merging into the surrounding dense ice fog.

The wolves have long receded, and there were still some wolf corpses left around, with bloodstains and broken arrows all over the place. The canyon was so quiet that it was a bit creepy. He should have confirmed the news of Yoakam’s death and returned immediately, but he looked around for a while more because of the eerie silence.

In a trance, he seemed to see something standing deep in the canyon, a beast the size of a pony standing behind the mist, its hair unbothered by the wind.

He was startled but as he fixed his eyes on it, there was nothing there. What was thought to be a beast was nothing more than fog floating in the deep valley; but even so, the knight could not help feel a chill down his spine.

After the short ambush, the canyon plunged into this eerie atmosphere, which was even more frightening than when they were being chased by the wolves. He took a breath, seemingly ready to stabilize his emotions. I am a member of the Folded Sword Squad and one of the best of Kirrlutz’s younger generation, how could I be frightened of a quiet canyon? How humiliating!

But as he was about to exhale when he realized that something around him did not seem right.

“Ca-Captain …….”

A stuttering voice came from behind him, it was the voice of his subordinate. The knight looked up suddenly, and at some point, a pair of cold, yellow eyes had appeared in front of him.



Little Pero, Brund, Maynild, and the crowd was silently waiting for a reassuring news to come back from below, but all they heard was a terrified scream.

“Ch-ch-” There was a soft sound, and a magic creature with a silver mane jumped down from nowhere and landed in front of everyone. The Pale Sons. The anxiety and uneasiness within Freya, became a reality instantly.

Everyone knew that Yoakam was the one driving the Winter Wolves forward, and the one controlling the Pale Sons was the silver monster.

Two then three of them, one after another, the demons came from above and landed around the group of Kirrlutzian knights. The Pale Sons neither let out a threatening roar nor ventured in, but simply surrounded them, with their heads held high, gazing at the humans with an icy gaze.

Their eyes were full of whatever that should not belong there based on the beasts’ intelligence, and that was what made everyone’s heart drop.

Freya was the first to react, she raised her head, with her light brown pupils retracting under the mo

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