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A Bet

After crossing the entire glacier, the King of the Frost Devourer, Frost Teeth, had yet to appear. Only some Frost Souls were seen in the snow, which was Undead creatures that generate from haunting souls of travelers frozen to death under the glacier. They were similar to ghosts but looked like the ice demon from the snowy forest. Fortunately, they were not considered strong so the little female dragon, Brendel, and Veronica could easily dispatch them without the Ash Sword Saint’s involvement. Of course, Ciel and the other three managed to get quite some Experience.

In this large copy, these small demons had substantial Experience and Drops, but unfortunately getting the Elapsed Pointer today made Brendel lose his reputation. None of the Frost Souls had dropped one good thing, not even a high-level white piece. Brendel felt numb. It would be worth it if we could get even one set of the Elapsed Pointer, then losing some reputation wouldn’t hurt. This is so unfair.

After passing through the glacier, through a hidden cave in the valley, the team entered the mountains again. Under Brendel’s guidance, the crowd turned into a long manmade corridor, as if suddenly a spectacular scene appeared in front of them.

The Holy Cathedral was so majestic as if sandwiched in the mountains independently supporting the glaciers on both sides like a giant; when people made their way out of this narrow walkway, they would feel as insignificant as dust.

Everyone exclaimed, even Brendel who had read the description in the Strategy was amazed. This was the Eternal Extinction Square, and beyond that was the Spiral Hall. It was a creation of civilization from the last era. The Square still echoed the war’s tragic screaming, and then everything fell silent, leaving only the silence of a million years later.

“What is that?” The young prince, who didn’t know when he had come to the front, asked as he stared curiously at the group of ghostly blue balls of light swimming in the Square below.

“The Icy Breath.”

Those were the Revitalizing Magic awakened by the Dark Magic from the ancient battlefield, but the number was somewhat alarming. From this end of the Square to that end, there were at least a thousand of them, spread out in all directions like stars in the night sky. Veronica saw this scene and felt that it was going to be difficult, as this kind of ancient Revitalizing Magic was quite difficult to deal with. It would be easy to deal with if there were only a few dozen of them, but there were thousands of them. Even if she and the Ash Sword Saints had gone out together, along with the little female dragon or Brendel, they would still not be able to cope with the situation.

“Should we Cielge directly?” She inhaled a deep breath. This scene right now also proved the tragedy of that ancient battle, how intensive the magic outbreak needed to be to cause so much Revitalizing Magic to converge here thousands o

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