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The Lost Food(3)

Brendel did not expect the future legend to appear before his eyes, who was so young. Brendel could not help but take a second look at the other man. As if noticing his look, Veronica smiled, “Now there’s no need for me to introduce him, right, little one?”

Brendel laughed bitterly. Of course, it was unnecessary. The Crucian nobility had an ancient tradition of sending their heirs out on a journey, but this tradition had long since been disobeyed by most families, as assassinations and accidents had killed too many good offspring, but the Kirrlutzian royal family had a lot of gumption.

“Dragons are seen by us mortals as superior, but they also have many peculiarities, as if they had an almost paranoid greed for wealth. As far as I know, this time we are dealing with a timid young dragon. It’s not in the Dragon’s nature to choose to be sneaky, but rather in its personality,” Brendel continued.

“It’s interesting that a Dragon can be cowardly. Teacher, you were right, one can only understand the world by exploring it.” Shido exclaimed in amazement.

“Don’t despise it just because it is a coward. No matter what, Dragons are a formidable opponent, the same goes for young dragons. Even a coward would dare to crush an ant.” Brendel warned.

“That’s right.” Shido nodded politely to him.

“This guy……” Brendel was a little speechless.

Veronica, however, heard what he was saying, narrowed her eyes, and asked, “Brendel, from what you’re saying, you can find it out?”

“I don’t have the skills to track a dragon, that’s the job of the Elven Dragon hunters in Esothuk, except I happen to know where it’s hiding.” Brendel smiled a little.

“You know where it’s hiding?” Veronica’s green eyes lit up and she looked back, unable to help but praise, “You sure didn’t disappoint me, little one, it’s as if nothing could be too difficult for you!”

“You are flattered, I was just a fluke. Don’t forget, I am on good terms with Duke Lantonilan, and Duke Viero is not averse to an alliance with me. They are the masters of this place, and this young dragon has lived in this area for quite some time, so the locals can’t know nothing about it.” Brendel replied modestly.

But Veronica seemed to be distracted by this, and she still looked at Brendel admiringly, “Brendel, you make me regret- I mean at your age, hey, it would be nice if you would join the Kirrlutz Empire.”

“Aren’t I also standing with the army commander now?” The army commander’s hospitality was a bit overwhelming to Brendel, but he could not choose to become a Kirrlutznoble anyway. He laughed lightly, subtly changing the subject.

“Hmph.” Veronica snorted softly, expressing her displeasure at Brendel’s perfunctory answer. She picked up the map on the table, shook the dust off it, and asked, “Where is that dragon? It seems like we have to catch it before it eats all of our food.”

“Are you planning to leave now, Commander?” But compared t

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