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When the battle began, the black-robed knights around Anrek spread out, occupying the long bridges on both sides, so Brando had to cross one of the lines of defence to sneak up on him. The good thing was that this wasn’t a problem for Brando, who had a Concealment Cloak and flew over the crowd directly. The little female dragon found this thrilling and exciting that she asked with great interest, “I didn’t know this cloak was so interesting, otherwise I would have asked William for it. Brando, I’ll borrow it to play with for two days, okay?”

“No.” Brando had always been reluctant to accept deals that wouldn’t benefit him.

“Petty.” The reasonable request was refused, at least, it was reasonable to Aloz’s. She immediately pulled a fierce face, revealing her snow-white teeth; after a glance, she found Brando still holding her wrist and not letting go. The little female dragon took a bite without hesitation.

“Tsk-” Brando inhaled and hissed in pain. Even though his skin was as hard as steel, those were Dragon teeth. Does she think she’s a dog??? He turned his head back in disgust, but did not expect Aloz to lie on his back and bite his neck this time. Brando’s face turned pale at once, and he grabbed Aloz’s wrist, yanking her over. He was about to lash out at her when he saw Aloz staring at him with her golden eyes and pouting, looking like she was about to cry.

Brando paused. He was confused until he remembered that Aloz was just a little girl after all, even though she acted like a devil most of the time. Based on the age of Dragons, she was just equivalent to a 12 year old girl in human age. Brando was sweating at this thought, feeling guilty for almost making her cry with his strong grip. They were currently on a battlefield, so he stared at her, hinting her not to cry. Though Buni’s Concealment Cloak could cover them, it wasn’t as powerful as how it’s usually shown in movies.

“You’re hurting me.” Aloz pulled her arm back as she said softly.

Brando even in the deepest nightmares had never imagined such a side of the little female dragon. He thought for a moment, and realized that he really did not seem to have a talent for coaxing girls. If it was Freya, then it might have been better as she could be talked out with reason, but when faced with an unreasonable little girl like Aloz, he was at his wits’ end. He was stumped for almost a second before he came out with, “I’m sorry.”

“No one has ever been so mean to me!” Aloz looked at him with red eyes.

Oh fuck. Brando realized that she was doing what girls do best – flirting. He had no other choice though, as they had crossed the last bridge and was only twenty meters away from Anrek, who was surrounded by black-robed knights. He should think about how to strike to catch the old man off guard, rather than here to coax the little girl.

This was really the most sinister situation ever, Brando thought. He could bet that if he didn’t put

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