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Chapter 149 – Breaking dawn (2)

Brendel raised his sword and glanced at it when he realized the blade had broken, before throwing it away.

The youth turned around and said:

“I have returned to fulfill my promise — Do you still remember the words you promised?”

His voice was even, but it was like a sharpened blade that pierced through everyone’s heart.

The mercenaries glanced at each other but they did not answer. The reinforcements on the wall had caused them to hesitate.

“I remember……” Alistair exhaled audibly and walked out with big steps: “I await your command, my lord……” (TL: The mercenaries promised to work for Brendel if he leads them.)

Brendel eyed him for a second before it went back to the other mercenaries.

“What of the others?” He said.

But no reply came.

“You…..” Alistair glared at them angrily and wanted to punch these cowards for breaking their oaths.

Brendel’s lips curled into a faint smile while his head lowered a little, and his face appeared slightly darker: “If I am you, I wouldn’t choose to offend two lords—”

Suddenly there was a cacophony of clacking noises in the rubble of the destroyed city gates. A group of soldiers covered in black robes were running stiffly towards Brendel with raised swords.

Brendel turned around with furrowed brows. The first skeleton soldier was immediately kicked into the air when it approached him, shattering into pieces before a shower of bones hit the ground. The upper half was not destroyed yet, and clawed around in confusion.

The soldiers on the city wall looked on in shock from Brendel’s strength and the revelation that their reinforcements were undead soldiers.

The second skeleton had reached into striking distance of Brendel, but the youth grabbed its wrist with his right hand and pulled it down, while disarming its Blacksteel Longsword with his left hand. He then threw the off-balance soldier over his head and smashed it onto the ground, shattering it into multiple pieces as well.

His left hand swung the Blacksteel Longsword in a curve without any hesitation. A line of white line cut across a dozen over skeletons cleanly, spreading out in a crescent, and they quickly ceased to move. He glanced at the pile of shattered bones to make sure they posed no threat, before he raised his head and looked inside the city.

“I’ll give you a chance to redeem the regrets in your hearts!” He pointed his sword into the streets ahead: “The dead who have been crucified in this street, are now looking at your powerless selves, but I swear I shall lead you and have them bear witness your victory against the unjust! Fight with me so this wrong can be redressed!”

Everyone gasped when Brendel unleashed a torrent of cold gales in a circle around him, forcing them to take several steps back. His strength somehow blew their doubts away; his figure appearing like a legendary hero that brought about miracles.

A few averted their heads; some bl

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