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Chapter 165 – Gambler’s roulette (2)

Brendel had brought out an incredibly large map which had dust gathering on it from the secret basement and returned to manor’s hall. He placed it onto to a long table. All his subordinates were beside him, while Cornelius’s mercenaries shuffled in and out.

When the map was fully extended out onto the table, everyone gave an impressed sigh.

“My lord, how did you know that horrible man has a secret basement and map?” Dia asked while she cast furtive glances at her older sister. It was fortunate that the latter did not get angry at her and only received an exasperated glare.

Felaern was truthfully not feeling well. When Brendel became an Elementalist, she felt her world crashing before her very eyes.

The once arrogant Graudin was now lying outside the manor’s courtyard. There was perhaps some use for his body in the future. The mercenaries were flushing out the remaining enemies and to report any traces of Iamas. Brendel was certain that he had completely left the city.

[He’s not one to stay behind and vent his anger or create trouble to get revenge on me. That’s his habit. If it’s the Red Knight Ladios, then that might happen. The reason why Iamas is so hard to deal with is that his nature always avoided putting himself into a dangerous position. It’s hard to latch onto his mistakes.]

“Most nobles have similar habits, Dia,” Brendel answered as he thought about the overall situation. “But this thing might not be Graudin’s handiwork. I suspect he has no real wish to govern this region.”

His mixed his words with half-truths. Nobles’ habits had nothing to do with hidden basements and maps. The only truth here was how he knew gamers turned this place upside-down by overthrowing Graudin.

He took a few moments to study the map and concluded that it was not from Graudin, but generations before him who designed and built Firburh.

“This map has decades behind it,” Ciel coughed a few times from the dust. He looked at it with a frown: “Does that stupid fool not care about his land? In the Black Tower’s region, the Wizards would redraw a map every year.”

Brendel nearly snorted with laughter. Trentheim was the most barbaric region and furthest away at Aouine’s borders. The citizens here were clearly not wizards.

“In this era, it’s quite common for a small city to reuse their maps for several decades. It’s good enough to rely on it as a guide, and we don’t need a detailed map.”

“In this era?” Ciel looked at him strangely.

“It’s a lisp.” Brendel glared at him: “You have a problem?”

“No,” The young wizard hurriedly shook his head: “It’s just the moment my Lord speak that few words, I felt a heavy sense of richness like I have experienced history before my very eyes. I feel like my Lord has somehow stood at a very high place, almost like a God of War, no, truly a God of War.”

The corners of Brendel’s eyes twitched while the corners of his lips stiffened: “Cut the

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