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Chapter 5 – Letter (5)

Brendel got up and walked over to Sifrid. He patted her head.

“Sifrid’s is an understanding kid,” he said to the Elder Druid. “I treat her like she’s my younger sister, so I’m going to entrust her to you as per her wishes. I don’t care whether she becomes a citizen of the forest or not, but I want you to ensure her safety. The Druids are capable of doing at least that?”

“That goes without saying, Ser Brendel.” Andellu nodded.

“Thank you, brother Brendel.” Sifrid’s hands grabbed on to his sleeves as she sniffed a little.

Brendel stroked her head. The little girl was earnest and mature for her age. Brendel did not care much for the Druids’ alliance, but since they were coming on board, he was going to make full use of Valhalla’s connection to enforce the relationship.

“Amandina, please bring Sifrid out to pack the necessary things for the journey.”

“What?” Amandina was called back to reality when she was studying the Druids. She looked at Brendel in confusion, “Me?”

“Yes, even though she’s just a child, she’s still a girl. There are probably things that only girls would know, or perhaps I should let Romaine do it,” he suddenly grinned, “but would your mind be in peace if I allow her to take over?”

Amandina had an image of the merchant girl stuffing marbles into Sifrid’s tiny backpack, with the latter boasting how much they cost when she bought them in Bucce. She sighed:

“But…… Isn’t Scarlett a choice as well?”

“She’s not as careful as you?” Brendel tilted his head.

Amandina felt a strange little delight in her heart when she heard that, but his expression seemed to say more. “Is there anything else, my lord?”

“Tell Cornelius and the others to find me.” He said.

Amandina nodded and took Sifrid’s hand. The little girl looked back every few steps until the doors were closed.

“Is there anything else you wish to request, Ser Brendel?” Andellu looked at the youth in front of him. He was certain the latter in front of him was incredibly ambitious, and letting Sifrid leave was a prelude to something more. “We Druids are a straightforward bunch, so there’s no need to beat around the bush.”

“It’s going to take a while, unfortunately. First of all, I’m really busy, so I won’t be able to send you off on your journey….. I do know that you’re not interested in having an alliance with me—” He said.

“Lord Brendel.” Reid interrupted, but Brendel put his hand up.

“Let me finish. I understand what your traditions; the Druids towards the Dark Forest and what kind of promise you have with Nia, I know of it. However, I have to warn you, the power that the Chaos hold is incredibly strong.”

The Druids suddenly flinched and readied themselves into a stance.

“You’re a member of the Unifying Guild?” Andellu’s eyes turned cold: “The Platinum Sky Serpent, the Tree Shepherds, or a Baphomet’s disciple?”

“I thought you would put the Tree Shepherds first.”

The Druid Eld

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