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Chapter 117 – The Final Battle (5)

There were a few subtypes extensions of the Earth Element. While most of the Earth users were famed for heavy defense, Ekman controlled the power to shape the earth into striking boulders. Although it was truly powerful for its initial strength, its growth was severely limited and classified as a low grade Element subtype.

But this was enough for Brendel to get a headache—

When he used his hands to help himself up, he brushed across Scarlett’s hands with his fingers. He paused for a moment, looked down, and saw the red-haired girl lying on the ground and looking up at him with her startling red irises. They looked at each other for a moment.

“My apologies.” Brendel said.

“It’s fine.” Came Scarlett’s reply.

Brendel quickly withdrew his hand and flipped his body over to get up, then drew out the dagger that was tied on his calf. The Acolyte of Earth turned over to them slowly. As a Boss that had a disproportionate amount of strength and defense, his agility was low. Because of its tremendous size there was even a penalty to its agility, and it moved clumsily, giving the youths a chance to recover.

“Can you move?” Brendel readied himself into a fighting stance and asked. Scarlett sat up, dusted the dust and soil off her armor. She merely nodded without saying anything.

“Be careful when you face this monster. Its attacks are very powerful. The Element it controls is the Power of Boulders, the attacks that it can form are—”

Before he could finish, Ekman roared and raised its front limb, almost as if to prove Brendel’s words. Its limbs quickly solidified and turned into hard surfaces to form a tremendous boulder-like sword that was nearly ten meters high.

It lifted the sword and swung at the direction of the two as it continued to roar.

“Dodge it!”

Brendel and Scarlett dashed out to the left and right respectively. The boulder sword struck onto the ground and exploded in a large arc. The whole forest seemed to shake as the shockwaves chased up to the two of them. Scarlett made a sharp gasp of pain, while Brendel immediately threw up blood.

Green words filled his vision, and he realized he lost 30 HP. The attack was even stronger than what the Ring of the Wind Empress could do. At his level, the damage from his ring would have done at most two-thirds of what it normally did, and it showed how strong Ekman’s attack was.

“My lord, are you all right?”

The forest was filled with dust and Scarlett’s voice came from the other end.

“Not too bad.”

Brendel coughed one more time. He was on his utmost guard. Ekman also had abilities that were dangerous. In this environment, if he failed to be careful and allowed it to ambush him, then he would be in deep trouble.

[I’m still not sensing that monster. The cooldown for merging with the soil is ten minutes, how is it possible to lose sight of him so quickly? It hasn’t even been one minute.]

Suddenly, the two

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