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Chapter 125 – The observer in the back (2)

The girl knelt beside the corpse that was almost like a small building. She flipped it around for quite some time but she did not seem to discover anything else, so she lifted the longbow by its string with her fingers, stood up and shook it in front of Brendel before placing it on the ground: “Do you want it?”

“How about you?”

Rauze naturally shook her head at the longbow which was taller than her. “It’s useless to me, I just want to see what it had—“

Brendel wanted to hit the ground.

[If you don’t need it stop messing with the body!]

He really wanted to destroy things with his bare hands so he could feel better, but the girl literally killed the Acolyte of Earth with one single blow for him so he had no rights to complain about it. He could only ask with the faintest of hope:

“That’s it?”

“What do you mean by ‘that’s it’?”

“You only discovered this longbow?”

“Of course not, there are quite a number of things on it, but they don’t fit my aesthetics so I didn’t want to touch them at all.”

[This is a reason?] Brendel grumbled, but he continued to ask the question he did not receive an answer to:

“You still haven’t told me what you added to the Golden Apple. If that’s a thank you gift, I think I have the right to know what it is, right?” He lifted up at the apple. He originally wanted to let Freya or Romaine eat it, but he found that it was fortunate that he did not do so. Only the Gods would know what was on it.

He carefully placed it slightly further away from him, in case he somehow touched that ‘interesting thing’ on it.

“It’s a secret.” She giggled again.

“Secret…” His mouth twitched a little.

Brendel still wanted to get an answer but Rauze suddenly frowned a little and looked to a certain direction. She put her index finger to her lips and made an action to get him to be quiet.

“Someone’s coming.” Her expressions turned solemn. “Mister Brendel, your adventures were really exciting and I like them very much. I came to see you personally this time because there’s a little trouble back in my clan. My friend and I need to return back there soon.” (TL: Friend’s name is Phoral.)

“Hold on.” Brendel suddenly caught on to a number of things. The girl seemed to have followed him for a long time, but he caught onto something that practically confirmed his suspicion: “Clan? You are……”

Rauze nodded with a smile.

An explosion set off in his mind. The only race that liked to call itself ‘clan’ was the Dragon race. Everyone in the continent disliked them, even the Madara undead. They were arrogant and did crazy things, while being unreasonable all the time and were infamous for their deeds.

He really did not expect to be involved with a little girl dragon for so long, but it was fortunate that she did not become unhappy through the process and ate him for lunch. In fact, it seemed she seemed like she had a favorable opinion of him.

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