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Chapter 141 – Warm words of Hope (3)

The other male lover lowered his voice and added: “He might be a viscount, but surely their family’s influence has limited reach over the south. I had sent men out to investigate his family name and he comes from Baltha, the furthest northern region in the kingdom.”

“Are you stupid?” Graudin said. Even though he was in a rage his mind was unaffected by it. “Who do you think we can send after him? That skeleton said that bastard is at least a Gold-ranked swordsman, and the red-haired woman by her side most likely has the same strength as well. Do you think my troubles are still not enough?”

“I apologize, my lord. I had failed to consider his strength.”

“Then perhaps we can close the city gates and force them to stay here while we send word to the assassins in the capital?” His other lover said.

Graudin took in a deep breath before he kicked him: “Halfwit! Should I send you out to close the gates? Perhaps he would cut you down as well!”

The latter screamed in pain and shook his head.

“Perhaps we can try to get the Skeleton Lord and his undead army to attack him? Are they not our allies?” The other lover who was still standing said.

“They won’t act on this matter. Aouine and Madara had just signed a treaty, and they won’t risk a war with any noble families at this point of time. Even though I don’t know what their undead commander is doing here, I don’t think they will leave the city easily.” Graudin said.

There were other words that did not leave his lips. His family and Madara were both using each other. This alliance in the dark would never see action in the open. Randner was allowing Madara to attack the other southern regions in order to bolster their own forces.

This was the secret between them.

He did not tell his kept lovers about this. He looked at them and shook his head, touching the injury on his cheeks and said bitterly: “But I’m not going to let this matter slide. I will absolutely get my revenge on that bastard. My father might not be willing to go to war with another family, but I’m going to see if he’s capable of protecting his companions—”

His smile was a twisted curl of his lips: “Get me a pen and some paper, I’m writing a letter to the count.”

“Understood, my lord.”

Both of his lovers bowed and prepared to leave, but at that moment the door opened and a dark figure entered the room like a snake.

“My lord, the matter you assigned to Kerri is finished. I have just received their message—”

Graudin took a moment to understand the figure’s words because of his anger, but he quickly nodded and said through clenched teeth: “Good, then bring that thing and my letter over to my father. I don’t think he will refuse this small request of mine.”

When he saw that the figure was still there he spoke again: “What else do you have to report?”

“My lord, the situation within the city looks unstable, I’m afraid those mercenaries will……” He

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