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Chapter 45 – Silver mines (6)

The morning at Graham’s mountain was a sky painted with desaturated purple and scant blue, and thin rays of light shot out from the horizon to pour onto the dense mountain forest— It was a picturesque view of vivid shapes.

But the time when workers went to work was even earlier than the break of dawn. Whistles sounded out when it was still dark.

The shimmering light from oil lamps lit up the shadows. Brendel and the others were called out of their camps to gather at the valley. He eyed the cross-like mining pick in his hand drowsily while he walked in the slightly chilled air due to the sun’s absence.

The coarsely made mining pick was about four feet long. It had undoubtedly served many users, as the wooden surface had been completely worn down till it was smooth, and the edges of the metallic blades were dull.

[I can’t believe I’m mining again.]

He had mined metal veins throughout the game in ancient ruins for quite a long time. He carefully inspected the rocks to extract ores and crystals from them and sold them at the market. Although he thought that it was an irksome and dull task now, he had endless motivation and fun back then to equip his character step-by-step, and it satisfied his mind immensely.

But he quickly came to the thought that it was done in a fake world and started to mock himself. When he was done thinking about the past, he looked up and carefully observed the crowd in front of him. He quickly discovered Jana, Scarlett and Medissa’s presence. They had evidently noticed the marks and clothes he left behind in the forest and were now disguised amongst the workers.

They wore bandanas for easy recognition, though the headdress was uncommon amongst the Highland folks, and their dirty clothes were bought from the group of youths in the hut. It was quite convenient to have them, but the greatest benefit he got was the information from the malnourished youth called Cohen. The fact that the tunnels linked to the Jurgen Underworld gave him a particular thought about the game’s information, and he decided to check it out and execute his plan at the same time.

[Whether or not this plan works will depend on tonight’s situation.]

He did not think that the chance to lure out the enemy’s Gold-ranked Swordsman would come so quickly. While he was deep into his thoughts, someone elbowed him from behind. He turned around vigilantly, but he discovered it was Jocah.

“Hey, you need to be careful. If you’re late you’re going to get whipped,” Jocah whispered.

Brendel’s first thought was to check his money bag. When he found it was intact, he glanced back and saw Cohen nodding towards him from afar. The latter had sent Jocah to remind him.

It seemed like the group of youths had lessened their wariness towards him, despite having only a day’s interaction. Brendel felt that Cohen was helping him because the latter did not want to owe him gratitude, but was surprised that

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