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Chapter 61 – King of the underground

Just as everyone was whispering amongst themselves, a sudden thunderous voice interrupted everyone.

“Welcome to the Cathedral of Heroes, mortals!”

The voice was cold and dignified, as though it was filled with a mysterious power.

“Thou will challenge the destiny that belongs to thine; perhaps thou are just here to fight for thy survival, or maybe thou would become the king that rules the Mother Earth—”

“Now, ye lowly challengers, step out and let us see the moment where destiny is born.”

The voice echoed through the huge coliseum as though there were countless thunders, and shockwaves struck at everyone and caused them to pale. Medissa and Scarlett glanced at Brendel as he observed the entire battlefield.

He was pondering on the possible challenges he might face.

[There are different types of monster that one can face in here, but it’s dependent on the surroundings. If it’s Trentheim, then there aren’t really any famous figures around here, so it will most likely be a strong land or air monster. If it’s the upgraded version where it summons gods……]

He was secretly relieved that he did not have to fight enemies that came from legends, even if they were a lesser version. Those monsters truly made him feel goosebumps.

“We will have our duels one at a time. Let me arrange the order,” Brendel looked at the red-haired girl, “Scarlett, go ahead and group up with that worker. Both of you currently don’t have the strength of an Iron-ranked fighter, so you can be rescued as a group.”

Medissa had been confused by Scarlett’s actions for a while and was looking puzzledly at her.

“My lord, what’s wrong with Scarlett?”

“I’ll explain to you later. Ser Kodan, please go next after them.” Brendel said.

“What?” Kodan’s eyebrow was arched so high that Brendel took a second glance at him. “Are you worried that I can’t pass the challenge too?”

Brendel shrugged and looked at Medissa and spoke in his mind.

“Medissa, we will go in together.”

“Is that allowed?”

“You’re summoned by me, so we should at least try and see if the rules allow it.”

Brendel thought the challenge would be much easier if he could fight with Medissa as a group. But before he could revel in his thoughts, the surroundings suddenly changed and mechanical rumblings could be heard. Fences were raised up near the walls and revealed a row of cages, while a large stage was elevated just a few meters away from them.

Kodan frowned when he saw people in the cages.

“My lord!” Someone stood up and shouted anxiously from the cage when she saw the people in the field: “Medissa, Scarlett, I’m here!”

Brendel’s expression turned into a grimace when he looked to the direction of the voice. Jana was in one of the cages, and there were two other cages that held Cohen and his companions.

“Mister Brendel, can you help us?” Jocah shouted.

[Damn it…..]

Brendel was silent as he was in a di

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