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Chapter 29 – Expansion (10)

The Subterrane Dwellers were not unintelligent creatures and stopped their aggressive actions because they detected a change in their leader’s attitude. Even though Tagiv had not ordered them to cease talking, they understood their rash actions might cause them to lose their chieftain. The two angels were also a factor, of course.

The more time Tagiv took to think, the more satisfied Brendel was.

He wanted to shock the Witch Doctor to make sure it was not conceited. The cities Toland and Dragontongue were common areas that led to the surface near Trentheim. Thus he guessed the Subterrane Dwellers came from this two places. While this knowledge came naturally to him, the people in this world would probably view it as a secret.

After breaking down Tagiv’s pride, he continued to threaten it with a harsh tone: “The humans do not welcome you Underworld creatures!”

“I did not wish….. to intervene, in your world.” Tagiv had to temper his tone.

It was not exactly a lie. Even though it once had the ambitious plan to take advantage of the weak humans, it canceled it because of their numbers. Aouine had a population of millions, and this information was beyond its imagination.

The fact that the weak leader named Graudin actually governed hundred of thousands of citizens and still considered as a small lord made Tagiv greatly surprised. In its homeworld, only a mighty leader like a Slavelord which had a powerful military might would be able to hold that many citizens. The Toland and Dragontongue cities were also examples.

“Is that true?” Brendel refused to acknowledge his words: “But it seems like you, great chieftain, are acting differently from your words. The woods that you occupy are lands that the humans have occupied since the Age of Divinity—”

He said it as though it was fact but quickly realized there were issues with his statements. He corrected himself:

“No, I’ll change my wording. These four lumber mills are part of my wealth, and I don’t intend to even lend it to you for one minute, let alone accepting your occupying of them.”

“Your wealth?” Tagiv repeated the words blankly. It had met Graudin a few times, and it did not believe that the youth was the actual owner of Trentheim, Count Randner.

“Yes, they are mine…… for now,” Brendel nodded.

“Then, what exactly, is it you want?” Tagiv’s head moved towards the angel’s sword and Scarlett’s halberd, seeing them through echolocation.

“I’ll give you two choices. One, go back where you come from.”

Tagiv shook its head, the feathers all over his body shaking. A branch tribe which lost a battle would mean certain death for the chieftain…… Unless it was willing to surrender to its sworn rival. It rejected this possibility a long time ago.

“The second choice?” It asked.

“It seems like you and your tribe members have lost a battle in the Underworld if you’re unwilling to go back….. Even if you go back and become

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