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Chapter 37 – Freya’s swordsmanship

============== Freya’s POV ============

Freya knew that she did not have superior talent in the sword. After the events in Bucce, she had tried closing the gap between her and the other squires in the academy with her obstinate personality, by putting in more effort than the others to inch her way closer.

But it was not as simple as she hoped for.

As the days passed by, she gradually realized that effort alone was not able to bridge the gap between the talented and untalented. There were many people who were more capable than she was, and she was part of the crowd who were insignificant. Her little pride as the best swordsman in Bucce disappeared completely when she realized she was dwarfed by the brilliance by the top knights in the academy.

In front of her was a senior apprentice knight; a Silver-ranked swordsman like Bennett. The rules of the competition limited the usage of strength, and the combatants were to duel each other with the knowledge of their swordsmanship; if this were not the case, she would have been defeated long ago—

However, this was precisely why she felt her sword which was held with both hands tremble a little, at the thought that she was fighting against someone superior.

Her frowning opponent was carefully circling her. The stubborn defense from her had caused him to suffer a little disadvantage.

Ever since the creation of this yearly tournament in the Royal Knights Academy, there was a rule which stated matches were conducted again as soon as they were over, which practically gave participants no time to rest. Everyone had to pay the price for spending too much stamina in a single battle.

The person who made this rule did it so these knights would understand that the enemies in a battlefield would give a ‘fair’ rule. They needed to conserve their stamina so they could survive longer.

The reason for building the Royal Knights Academy was to sire the best military personnel. In this current era of peace, the knights who graduated were then sent off to be groomed by high ranking officers. Those who showed excellent skills might even be accepted to become the royal family’s knights.

This was how a commoner could become a noble overnight.

The tournament’s format utilized a points system and a single elimination system. The aspiring squires would duel each other and gain corresponding points to their years in the academy by being victorious; the victors would continue to proceed to duel with each other until the final victor emerged, and would then attain the highest honor in the academy, the ‘Champion Knight’.

And after the Champion Knight was crowned, the squires of respective years in this academy would be picked out based on the points to be named as the best knight amongst their own.

These winners would literally be perceived as nobles.

Even though the rules were unfair, it accurately captured the reality on a battlefield. Th

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