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Chapter 148 – Breaking dawn (1)

============= Alistair’s POV ===========

“Rage does not feed our stomachs, boy.” An old mercenary almost did not have the heart to lecture him: “You can bring up the laws of the kingdom all you want, but what use does it have if the sword is mightier than the pen? We have gathered in front of the city gates but they act as if we’re invisible. Why? Because they are not afraid of us in the least.”

“Even if we attacked the city, are we capable of penetrating their defense lines and into the heart of the city? You should stop thinking of the impossible. Don’t forget that bastard has a full army that is no smaller than our numbers.” Another mercenary leader said.

Alistair gritted his teeth and could not think of a way to refute these words, but he tried appealing to their pride.

“Are we not capable of having a full-fledged battle against them, even if for just one day? Yes, we are adventurers and mercenaries, but do we not have the dignity and pride to defend our own? If we throw these away, are we nothing more than barbarians?”

Silence greeted him, as the leaders were still hesitant even after Alistair’s attempt to rouse their anger. No one was willing to bend their knees, but if they chose to fight today, then it was very likely they would have no future standing in this kingdom.

It was a path all too hard to cross.

The young man sighed when he observed their faces: “My apologies. It seems that I have demanded too much from you. Very well, I know the positions you are in and I won’t force your hand. But the victims on the crosses demand an answer. If there is someone who needs to die fighting today, let it be my companions and I. The only thing I ask of you is not to forget this day when the baron took away your comrades’ lives and your dignity.”

He took a few steps away from them before someone called out to him: “Young man! Have you forgotten what that lord told you? He will bring justice to us one day—”

“And you believe him?” Alistair interrupted him, turning back with an incredulous voice: “Do you believe his perfunctory words? These nobles and lords are all—”

He stopped talking.

There was a strange commotion nearby them. The leaders immediately became alert and spurred towards the source while yelling at their men:

“What are you lot doing! Stop your sniveling and get back into position!”

“Captain, there seem to be more people coming up to the walls, they are being reinforced!” The mercenaries near the city’s gates yelled in response.

The leaders frowned when they heard this reply.

“Damn. They still have more men?” One of them made a face.

“Aye, I understand why they are unafraid of us.”

============ Madara’s POV ===========

When Rothko brought his men up the walls, he discovered the black patches of something in the darkness interspersed with camp fires were all humans—

The youth with pale skin and a grey undertone under it, scoffed

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