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Chapter 156 – Breaking Dawn (9)

Medissa did not hesitate to use her ability and protected the mercenaries. However, when she saw the undead general staring at her with an extended right arm holding onto his scythe, she realized her mistake. He gripped onto his scythe with his metallic spiked gloves and shifted it slightly.

Iamas disappeared from her sight in an instant.

She raised her lance in instinct, but she was too late. The brilliance of the Spirit Wings immediately dimmed as the scythe’s swing came from the sky. Iamas’s swing had sundered the weaker protection and cleaved through her silver armor easily; the chain links holding them split apart and scattered like leaves covered in glitter.

Crimson blood quickly dyed her inner shirt as she looked at the gaping injury from her shoulders to her abdomen in disbelief.

Iamas’s cloak gracefully fluttered as he landed on the unicorn. He reached for her throat with his right hand, effortlessly lifted her up, before he hurled her towards the ground.

The Elven Princess had lost all her strength and was unable to resist. She crashed onto the ground with a loud blast, causing a cloud of dust to fly up.

Iamas leaped into the air again when the mercenaries rushed to her aid. He swung the scythe in a perfect arc, a black crescent of energy swept across the mercenaries, spilling blood as they were mowed down like grass. Screams quickly filled the area.

He landed near Medissa’s location.

Her unicorn quickly blocked his path, but he casually struck it down with a swing of his fist. He walked slowly towards her, and lowered his head to observe the bleeding girl; her eyes were unfocused as she coughed with bloody splutters. The blade had cut deeply into her body, and blood dyed it red.

She had almost no feeling left in her body other than pain invading her every nerve. Fatigue gripped her mind, and her consciousness was leaving her. Iamas grabbed her throat again and lifted her up into the air in her dimming vision.

“Medissa, why are you so immature—” Iamas said with a mocking voice, mimicking someone from her past.

Her feeble eyes widened slightly.

“Y-you—” She squeezed her words out before coughing out blood. Iamas had closed one eye while his other blazed with golden flames, staring into her eyes.


“Damn you—” She concentrated and sealed off her mind with her remaining Soul Energy by flooding around it like water. The Mind-reading skill was only able to retrieve surface thoughts, but it was still considered despicable, and only deplorable wizards would use it.

However, it was widely circulated amongst the Madara’s nobles. The Elven girl trembled with rage and felt humiliated by how she fell for his trick so easily.

[I can’t escape……] She tried to get away from his vice-like grip, but her consciousness was getting fainter, even with the metal spikes from his gloves piercing painfully through her neck. She wanted to warn Brend

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