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Chapter 164 – Gambler’s roulette (1)

A thin blade pierced through a skull, and the final Zombie Outlander lost its strength and fell to the ground heavily.

The female commander with fiery red hair gripped her sword with a single hand and looked at her surroundings. The reflection in her emerald eyes showed many skeletal bones and mercenaries’ corpses. The battle had finally ended. Even though they paid a hefty price, they had managed to fight the attackers off.

Jana exhaled slowly and returned her rapier into a sheath covered with black leather.

“Commander!” A shout came from behind her. She turned back and saw one of her youngest mercenaries run over.

“Leave your protests for later. Get some men to stay behind and take care of our injured, while the rest advance. We have wasted too much time, and we need to control the west gate before Madara arrives!”

“Wait!” The boy bent over and held on to his knees in support while he tried to catch his breath.

“What?” She frowned and said with impatience.

“It’s too late,” The youth’s voice was surprisingly loud: “Sometime after we began fighting the monsters, group Mouse caught a glimpse of a magic signal from the south. Commander, it’s too late, the undead has already reached the western city gates. If we head over there, we will just meet against countless undead.”

“What else did Mouse say?” She stopped moving and turned around with her full attention.

“They also said our only option is to retreat right now. We should break through from the north and leave the Firburh. When the undead pours in, every one of us will die.”

“If we leave now, what will happen to the citizens here?”

“Commander, can we change anything by staying here?!” The boy refuted anxiously.

“Shut up!” She punched the nearby wall with her full strength, causing the bricks to crack in a radial direction: “Get our men ready. Have the groups ready; Owls, Wolves, and Bears. Get these three groups to advance in the streets! If we can’t stop them from entering the city, we’ll intercept them here!”

“Commander!” He said: “We have less than three hundred men. The undead skeletons could easily reach ten thousand! If we don’t rely on the city’s stone walls we cannot stop them!”

“We have to do it even if we can’t! Are you trying to make me break my promise! Follow my orders, now!”

“Commander, does a noble deserve to have your promise? That young man is leading us only because he has a quarrel with Graudin in the first place. He’s a stranger and even stands on the same line on Graudin’s side, why should we fight for someone like him! Your parents and sister died at the damned nobles! Most of us here have the same background like you, and w-w-we followed you because we respect you! Why should we die for someone like him, let them kill each other!”

Jana was momentarily silent. She sighed and wanted to respond gently when a sudden bang could be heard from the inner city. A pure pillar o

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