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During the time when Brendel and Conrad made their moves against each other, Hewjil had already separated his Lizardmen Warriors into two groups. They avoided the center path and attacked the ruins from the two side paths.

But the Silver Elves had already set up their positions. Nalaethar had also split up his warriors into two; one group was led personally by himself, while the other was given to the Nightsong Tiger to command, and they hid at the side entrances of the ruins.

The brutish and simple minded creatures screamed as they swarmed out from the forest. Their movements were nimble and they quickly stormed through the entrances, but what awaited them were the Silver Elves’ shining blades. The ambush by the Silver Elves was highly effective and their greatswords easily cleaved through the enemies’ throats, then quickly knocked the lifeless corpses back through the congested areas.

Because of that, the Lizardmen were sent tumbling through the narrow path and some of the Lizardmen who collided with the bodies lost their balance, and were sent flying down from the elevated height onto both the Paper Cards Mercenaries and their fellow Lizardmen.

Hewjil’s planned attack was stifled right there at the entrance, and the Mercenaries of Lopes and the Grey Wolves Mercenaries did not miss that chance. They immediately shot volleys of their bolts into the enemies’ formation from the higher grounds, causing even more obstructions for them, making it seem like they had crashed into an invisible wall and could not proceed any further.

A normal person who trained to use a crossbow was able to shoot six times in a minute, and these veteran mercenaries were even more experienced and agile, firing ten to fifteen shots in a minute.

The accurate bolts were fatal to their morale. Each time the steel rain of arrows fell onto them, the enemies felt like there was a death god who was swinging his scythe repeatedly to reap their lives.

There were indeed Lizardmen who wielded ranged weapons who could fight back, but Medissa strategically went after them in the beginning of her attack. But even if she did not, the ranged Lizardmen combatants were not as skilled as the mercenaries because they were a race not as evolved as the humans.

With the lack of cover and the ability to fight back, the Lizardmen were forced to retreat. When Nalaethar realized what they were doing, he took down his horn hanging from his belt and blew it. The rich blare of the horn echoed throughout the ruins, and the Silver Elves gathered in front of their commander and fell neatly into position, placing their greatswords at the right side of their chests—

“My fellow Elves, who are we!”

“The Eversong army, the swords of Arlen!”

Nalaethar nodded and pointed his sword forward, and the Silver Elves charged down with a loud roar. Their silver armor shimmered in the sun and appeared like a wave of mercury flooding the path down to the lower valley. The Liza

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