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Chapter 132 – The end of Summer

Count Barre stood in Brendel’s path.

[The hell?] Brendel gave him a wide berth as he walked past the smiling man.

“Ser Brendel?” Count Barre called out to him in a solemn voice when he realized Brendel was avoiding him.

“What is it?” Brendel snapped with a displeased tone. He was in a rush to find the Nightsong Tiger to get the details from him about Amandina.

“Even though our viewpoints differ our goals seem to align. At the very least, I am certain that you are not on the side of our enemies, are you not?” Count Barre spoke in a rush, not giving Brendel the chance to cut him off. “Naturally, we have our own thoughts on restoring the kingdom, but surely there is no need for us to draw our swords at each other’s throats. I agree that Makarov’s actions are a little overbearing, but he’s a only a human who’s acting with limited resources.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Would you be willing to join us? If you hate our actions, then why not take control of the situation? I hope to have an outstanding youth like yourself on our side.” Barre invited Brendel with sincere words, as though he had forgotten the unpleasant exchange between them.

[That’s something the Count Barre I know would do.]

Brendel had actually given them enough leeway on this issue and avoided having an all-out battle with them, precisely because they were on the same side. If these people were against the crown, then he would have redeemed the Silver Elves’ promise and killed them immediately.

Because of Makarov’s plans, he and his men were put into danger. Romaine and Amandina were still nowhere to be seen. If he lost his temper and waged a battle to get Makarov’s head as an act of revenge, then duke Arreck might take the opportunity to capture the princess’s land in the nearby area. Freya might even be in danger because of that.

[It looks like he’s smart enough not to talk about the Golden Apple anymore, so I’ll put it aside. But joining your group is an absolute joke.]

“No,” Brendel looked at the count and shook his head. His reply was cold and hard, surprising the count with his tone: “You will see me very soon, but believe me, it would not be here, and not the way any of you would like to see—“

“… Then I shall await to see your future.” Count Barre’s eyes were fretful as he stared at Brendel.

============ Freya POV =============

In truth, the battle that she was supposed to be in was undertaken by the senior squires in the academy, led by the reserve officers in the graduating class. When Freya and newer members like herself reached the battlefield in the forest, their task was taking care of the battle’s aftermath.

She immediately noticed a carriage filled with bolts and arrows like a porcupine in the center of the road. There were cavalry equipped with silver armor riding near the carriage, with many of their comrades’ dead bodies on the ground. They refused anyone from approach

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