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Chapter 60 – King of the underground (11)

“My lord?” Scarlett whispered to Brendel while she looked a little distrustfully at Kodan.

“Just wait for a little while,” Brendel said.

He was certain that the door was not there previously, and it was likely that it had to something to do with the monsters.

“There are words on the door!” Kodan suddenly raised his voice.

The rest of them went closer to take a look at it and saw unknown letters carved into the heavy steel gate. Brendel studied the angular letters for a moment before he spoke:

“These are Dwarven words.”

“Dwarven words?” Kodan turned back and looked at Brendel with a frown: “But why would it appear here? Mountain Dwarves live in Trentheim, but they don’t live in caverns or mines.”

“Are there no Grey Dwarves or Iron Dwarves here?” Medissa asked.

The Grey Dwarves branched out from the Mountain Dwarves, while the Iron Dwarves branched out from the Rune Dwarves, and both variants lived underground.

But Brendel shook his head. Their language was derived from the Dark Elves, and the words were completely different. The letters on the door were far older, and from a certain point of view, could be viewed as the true heritage of the dwarves.

“If they are not the right Dwarves, which Dwarven branch carved these words onto the gate?” Medissa asked.

Brendel thought of three possibilities, as it was likely that the gate was related to the Silver Lineage.

[Fire Dwarves, Tempest Dwarves, and the Rune Dwarves. These three Dwarven races were present during that era. Fire Dwarves are out of the question because they live in a place that is strong in the Fire Element. It’s one of the last two—]

Before he could finish his thoughts, Scarlett struck the gate with her spear. There was a light ringing that came as the response, but when she took a closer look, the gate that was as smooth as a mirror did not even have a scratch on it. Its hardness was beyond imagination.

“My lord, do you know what is written on the door?” She asked with a frown.

“I don’t know.” Brendel shook his head.

“Kid, didn’t you say that the words are Dwarven?” Kodan asked somewhat exasperatedly, “Why are you telling us you don’t know?”

“I only know what the words look like.” Brendel rolled his eyes.

The system in the game automatically translated the languages, but it was not functioning in this world. He could only stare helplessly at the words. He walked over to the gate and inspected it by prodding and touching with his fingers.

“But I suspect that it’s a type of Barrier.” He continued.

“A barrier? A magic or illusion spell?” Kodan raised one of his eyebrows: “Are there other people besides you?”

“No, this isn’t a magic spell. The spells of magicians utilize the Laws of this world that are created by a higher power. But these barriers could be considered as Laws themselves—”

Kodan did not understand what Brendel was talking about, but Medissa’s

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