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Chapter 68 – King of the underground (19)

Brendel secretly wiped his palms when he realized it was not a dragon, but a subspecies of a dragon— A drake.

The monster’s front legs towered over the challengers like a pair of tall towers. It was covered with blue-green scales which were as shiny as polished metal and reflected the cold light from the coliseum. Each scale was several inches thick and it looked like it was clad in a layer of steel-plated armor.

The special characteristics of this creature were its ugly, triangular-shaped head with spiked horns shaped like they had been carved into sharp edges. Its deeply inset eyes were a light blue color, but its irises had flecks of golden flames, showing clearly that its ancestors were pure-blooded dragons.

[Adra Drake, a type of wind dragon. It’s fortunate that it’s not a mature adult…..]

If Brendel was to compare the Cerberus against it, the former would be a puppy. The winged monster in front of him was the top of the food chain in the Mountain of Calm Tempest, and the natives who lived there called them the Tyrants of Wind.

There used to be a legend about these Adra Drakes in the game. They were supposedly descended from the Sky Dragons during the era of the Dragon of Calamity, but the quests involving the creatures ultimately led gamers to Kirrlutz’s royal historians who disputed this claim. The truth to them was actually much closer to the Mountain Dwarves’ lore.

The Adra Drakes descended from Blue Dragons. The latter described as the fairies of the clouds, but one would find the drakes very different in terms of temperament. They were aggressive predators carrying the Wind Element in them, unlike their ancestors which carried the Ice Element within their body.

But regardless of whether this monster was a mature adult or not, it was still standing near the apex of a Gold-ranker.

[…… Wait a minute. An Adra Drake uses the Wind Element, right? Isn’t this a bloody counter to the Wind Spirit Spiders?!]

Brendel cursed the announcer, but he could only grudgingly accept the results. The Coliseum of Destiny must have scanned the Wind Spirit Spiders and responded with a monster that had near immunity to it.

[But it seems like this damned place is able to see only the superficial contents. The attacks from the Holy Sword are based on the Earth Element, and they are the best counters to Wind Element creatures.]

His mind was filled with malicious revenge.

But the others had different thoughts. When they saw the creature which was tens of meters tall, making it big enough for the people in the cages to look up at it, they could not help but draw in a cold breath.

Fear started to grip their hearts.

The youths who had never left Schafflund with close to no worldly experience was still able to recognize for what it was.

It was a dragon.

Even though they did not know what difference there was between dragons, wyrms, drakes or wyverns, they kne

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