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Chapter 28 – Expansion (9)

============= Amandina’s POV ===============

“They’re retreating,” Jana said.

Her face was painted heavily with blood, and she sat down tiredly opposite to Amandina. There were a few flecks of blood on the latter’s pale face, and even though her black eyes still had vestiges of apprehension, she had forcefully calmed herself down.

The Silence spell was not as effective as they had imagined. They thought it would bring about a miracle, but they soon discovered that it was not the case. When the Subterrane Dwellers realized the spell had affected them, most of them charged forward and nearly broke through their defensive line by overwhelming them with numbers.

The mercenaries had lost their chance to drive the invaders off. It was at that critical juncture where Raban led his men into a do-or-die charge, swept the enemies off the walls and stayed there as a final stand.

The Subterrane Dwellers suffered significant casualties and understood that they could not continue and started to retreat. Everyone’s heart was rapidly beating when they did so, and the mercenaries panted heavily.

No one on their side went on to count the injured and the dead. It was meaningless. If there were no miracle on the enemies’ next assault, it would be impossible to fend them off.

“They will come again.” Raban also sat down because his whole body was completely sore. After he glanced up at the moon, he spoke again: “Their next attack would probably come before dawn at the latest. There is definitely a second round of reinforcements.”

“Anyone have any ideas?” Cornelius asked.

No reply came.

Even Amandina who firmly believed in Brendel’s plans realized that the battle was much more dangerous than she thought, and she did not have the confidence to encourage the mercenaries to believe in him. After clearing her thoughts, she realized that the one that stuck out the most was whether she was going to die in this place.

After a moment of reflection, she calmed down again. If it were not for Brendel, she would have most likely died alone in her old home that was dark and cold.

“We mercenaries are here to do the very best we can and then leave it up to fate,” Raban grinned, “we have been through many life-and-death situations. The next time they attack again, we will open the gate and lead our men to break out from this siege. Whether we’re going to die here or live to see another day, will be on Mother Marsha’s decision to bless us or not.”

Cornelius gave a wry smile that served to mock himself. He shook his head and turned towards Amandina:

“With this, lady Amandina, we have answered Lord Brendel’s orders, right?”

Amandina took a moment to think before she nodded: “I thank everyone here.”

“That’s not necessary.” Jana interrupted: “We’re just willing to believe in that bastard this once. Don’t worry, even if he doesn’t appear, I won’t leave you two behind.”

Romaine was sitting ne

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