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Chapter 163 – Planeswalker’s battle (6)

The only person Graudin rely on for his safety was Iamas. If the latter was unable to ensure his safety, then the barbarian-like youth would really run him through his sword.

Iamas ignored the mewling man behind him: “But I still have some confidence in holding out for thirty minutes.”

“Thirty minutes? So that your undead army can march in through the city?” Brendel’s smile spread across his face, getting straight to the point.

“Truly, if you are not my enemy, I would suspect that you were some close friend of mine when I was still living. Even my personal maid doesn’t know me as well as you do.”

Brendel merely smiled at his provocation. This character coincided with the knowledge he had of him in the game. His pride extended all the way to his speech and had offended many people in Madara. Because of that, he was sent to work under Incirsta’s command.

His feet had not stopped moving, and he was less than ten meters away from Iamas. Ciel was right behind him, ready with a spell.

“Lord Viscount, have you received a response from the city’s west gate? I do recall the mercenary commander’s to have quite the pretty features for a woman. But fret not, the forces under my command here are not many and was merely sent out to delay them from setting up a foothold in the west.”

Brendel stopped and listened silently.

“I do believe my kind has breached the city. Of course, they are low-level skeletons led by useless fledging necromancers, but even so, if you don’t rush to that lovely woman’s aid, I’m afraid the situation might turn out to be quite troublesome?”

The youth resisted from wanting to smash his fist onto Iamas’s mask. There was a level of smugness from him that grated on his nerves, but he was quite aware that Iamas had no need to lie to him because the latter already did it.

[If the situation is just as Iamas had stated, then it wouldn’t be just a troublesome situation, forget the damage done to the city, everyone is in danger. Even now I have received no news from the west gate. The fact that I had Ciel create so many bridges ended up as a terrible decision! Shit, this bastard dared to separate his troops from the start of this battle. Does he really care about Graudin’s life— No, that’s not it, the Iamas I know will never do that, he intended to bring Graudin out of here from the very start!]

Brendel’s heart sank.

He had been worried about Jana’s situation since he had not received any news, and now he finally received an answer. He asked himself why Madara had to keep Graudin safe at all cost. He was not even the eldest son, and merely one of many—

He took a deep breath. Iamas attack had indeed struck into one of his weak points. It was fortunate that he did not waste any more time talking and forced him to reveal his secret. There was still room for a choice to be made.

[Damn it. As expected from the Scales of War. If it’s possible, I really

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