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Chapter 3 – Letter

The doors to the room were suddenly pushed opened with force.

[Who the hell—]

Brendel was slightly angered by the people who barged in without seeking permission. When he turned around, he found three faces staring back at him.

The person with had unique features. His skin was dark and his angular face was chiseled like a rock. His deep sunken eye sockets with long ashen-white eyebrows which followed the bone structure. His grey hair was braided and tied behind his head and long enough to reach his bear-skin overcoat.

“Please stop, you can’t go in right now—” The mercenary who had tried to stop them from going in was pushed back by one of the strange men. When he finally realized that it was meaningless to stop them because he was already in the room, he turned around and looked at Brendel with an apologetic expression, “My lord, I couldn’t stop—”

Brendel waved his hand once, indicating that it was fine. He then looked at the strangely dressed men again, and immediately recognized them as Druids. They were mostly a unique force that held an agreement with Goddess Nia, staying within forests corrupted by Mana to observe and track the animals during the Month of Goetia.

[Hmm? Isn’t this Andellu, one of the Elder druids of the Waning Groves? The two young followers behind…… Nope, no idea. Some branches of Druids are even nice enough to become cordial with the natives and warn them when the monsters were invading during the ‘Waves of Calamity’. But the Waning Groves won’t do something like that. So why would they bother to find me?]

He suddenly spotted Sifrid behind them, just as the mercenary retreated out of the room and closed the door. Silence filled the room momentarily before it was broken by Amandina who made sure the mercenary was out of earshot.

“How dare you barge into this room without permission!” Amandina stood up in anger. She was completely dwarfed by the three gigantic intruders, but she was not in the least bit intimidated.

Andellu’s observed the room with a pair of hawk-like eyes. The room had not received the chance to be redecorated as the battle had just ended in the morning. It still retained the slightly dark red fancy furnishings that Graudin was fond of. However, the thick carpet emitted some form of foul, piercing odor that he was able to detect and caused him to frown.

Brendel scratched his brow in response to Amandina’s outburst and also waved his hand to calm her down.

[Well, these fellows consort with wild beasts day and night. I’m not surprised they ignore customs.]

Sifrid peeked out from one of the druid’s back and smiled shyly at him, and he felt his mood lift up slightly. Her green hair was almost like a waterfall that seemed to burst with life.

“Well then, would you introduce yourselves?” He said with a pleasant voice.

“I am Andellu. The two behind me are Reid and Raim.” The Elder Druid spoke with a stiff accent, and pointed at the youn

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