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Chapter 115 – The Final Battle (3)

Medissa was approximately forty meters away, charging straight into a group of Lizardmen wielding crossbows. When she turned around she spotted a disturbance on the ground and realized something was amiss. She immediately warned Brendel and Scarlett, while she urged her unicorn back towards them. The unicorn leapt into the air and she raised her lance and timed it together with the unicorn’s descent—

“Vortex Strike!”

When Brendel turned back, he found Medissa making her move on the enemy with a loud yell. The air around her lance immediately manifested into a distortion which condensed the air and released it as a blast of wind, sweeping the Lizardmen off their feet like they were fallen leaves. When she thrust her lance forward, an invisible path immediately emerged in front of her, destroying all the obstacles in front of her. Wood splinters flew everywhere and the enemy that was behind Brendel immediately retreated to the side.

The shockwave caused a large fissure to appear on the ground.

Brendel looked at the deep scar and felt a sheen of cold sweat on his body.

[My lady Medissa, can you be a little more gentle? Even if the enemy was a Gold-ranked fighter trying to backstab me, I can still parry it, but receiving your boss attack means I might die from it…..]

He felt himself trembling a little before he recomposed himself and observed the enemy. He already knew the identity of the monster.

A gigantic creature with the size of three fully grown adults was writhing in front of him. Despite the quick reactions against Medissa’s attack, it did not escape unscathed. Its long left arm clutched its right shoulder as blood flowed freely from the wound.

It was a humanoid that looked partially like a wurm, and there were three mismatched sections that seemed like they were sewn together. The head, the chest and the abdomen were sections covered in a grayish-yellow carapace that were inches thick and fortified with the blessings that came from the Blood of Gods.

[It’s definitely harder than steel. The rating from the system is giving it A+ in defense. The Acolyte of Earth is a level 55 boss, so that’s going to add 15 defense to it. It’s on par with a full tank class.]

Brendel groaned wistfully.

The limbs that it had were like an insect’s appendages, although the hands that it had resembled a human. At the area on its abdomen was a pair of eyes and another set of appendages in the form of a scythe. Its long thighs were shaped weirdly and adorned with full of barbs. Any normal human that got swept by it would certainly have gashes big enough to see the bones. Its head was something of a cross of a beetle and ant, with a pair of long antennae and large mandibles, and there was a pair of huge eyes that could see in low light places and capture motion well.

Brendel was glad to see that it did not have wings as it meant that it did not have flight yet. This was the only g

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