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Chapter 123 – Sorry, I’m not a knight.

Brendel thought he was an average human being in his past and present life. The difference between the two was that he knew the events that were to come in the future. With that basis, he had a larger ambition and desire to change Aouine’s fate, and change that ending that he bitterly regretted.

That thought did not really have anything to do with the word ‘selfless’. His wish was born out of his desires and feelings, and did not think he had become a noble person even if he saved many people in that path.

He would mete punishment equivalent to the evil deeds done, while answering with rewards to good deeds shown, and firmly believed in that principle. He had never bound himself with the responsibilities of a messiah or the likes, but at the same time he could not ignore Eke’s situation.

[Mother Marsha, did I offend you or something—]

He looked up to the sky with a helpless expression as he canceled the Silence spell.

“Stop running and come back to where you were!” He shouted to Eke.

Eke stopped running after a short while, but the Acolyte of Earth was already in the middle of the two. It first stared at Eke, before looking back at Brendel, and recognized him as the one he had been chasing all along.

“Is it really a gentleman’s behavior to steal the monster I’m hunting?” Brendel said as he looked at the monster’s many eyes, feeling like his emotions were being tied into complicated knots. He really wanted to smack the youth on the head a few times, but the latter’s actions invoked a sense of favorable impression towards him.

In the end he made a sarcastic remark.

“…… Thanks.” Eke looked back at him with a grateful smile and shouted. He knew if Brendel did not help in confronting the enemy, he would only last for a few seconds before getting shredded into pieces. The monster seemed to exceed the strength of a Gold-ranked fighter, and handling it himself was an impossible task.

It was clear that this was his fault. When he saw Brendel removing a spell, he immediately knew that it was a Silence spell; a spell frequently used by mercenaries to either ambush or infiltrate, and he was familiar with it. This was the equivalent of pulling Brendel right into danger, especially when he was clearly hurt all over from the start.

He sighed lightly and became convinced that the man on the tree was a righteous knight. Ever since he was young, he was engrossed in reading novels about knights and even dreamed of becoming one. Becoming a mercenary meant that his dream was still a little far away, but his conviction had never changed. It was also the reason why the Grey Wolves Mercenaries liked him so much.

“Ser Knight, let us work together to defeat this monster!”

Eke shouted somewhat excitedly. He knew that even if the both of them fought together they were not be able to defeat it, but if they were going to die, then they should at least have heroic deaths. He even th

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