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Chapter 131 – Thou Art my Friend (2)

The ones who really participated in the negotiations were Count Barre, Fleetwood and the newly arrived Elven commander of the Unicorn Knights.

Buga and Makarov went over to the bushes with Brendel’s directions, brought out a bloody Eke out from there with reluctant thanks, and lowered their glowering attitudes against him. The Silver Elves had clearly displayed their intentions to protect Brendel because he protected the graves of their old kings.

Brendel sat beside the Acolyte of Earth and watched the discussion. Even though he did not participate in the negotiation, he knew that Count Barre’s core topic would now be about the Silver Elves instead of him. The Silver Elves had disappeared and gave up on this particular forest a long time ago. This land was now regarded to be part of the kingdom, and even the closest allies of the past may not easily enter this land anymore.

Aouine had the upper hand on the territory.

Brendel could see the Silver Elf commander was adamant in his attitude, almost refusing Count Barre and Fleetwood’s every suggestion. He wondered what sort of agreement would the two increasingly annoyed men enter into.

“Are you able to guess why the Silver Elves have returned?” He suddenly asked.

“How should I know what these strange Elves are thinking about. They don’t socialize with others.” Rauze’s voice was nonchalant at the start, before she suddenly grumbled. “And stop disturbing from doing my important stuff!”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m writing a script about the knight Ser Brendel. It’s really hard for me to get good inspirations. Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m a bard—” Rauze’s voice turned to one of pride.

[A bard…]

Brendel frowned from that revelation. It seemed like many of the dragons’ professions were bards. He recalled a famous quest in the game: A dragon made a huge underground dungeon and captured a few strong monsters and put them inside, becoming the BOSS with his monster underlings. When the unsuspecting adventurers or gamers challenged him, he would record the results and turned them into stories. If they won, then the dragon awarded them part of his treasures. Some gamers investigated the whole affair and proved that the dragon actually made ten times more money than what the given treasure was worth.

The quest was meant for level 45 players and was disguised as a normal chain event, but gained notoriety when this secret was revealed. Many players were quite impressed with it and was a hot topic for quite a while.

Although it was clear that some of the dragons had bad hobbies, they were still much better than the ones who actually just directly robbed others.

“Ahh, stop bothering and annoying me.” Her attitude quickly changed. “Never mind, I’m going some place else to write it—“

[Tsk.] He clicked his tongue sarcastically when he heard nothing more from her.

He suddenly heard a cracking sound behind him, and whippe

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