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Chapter 51 – King of the underground (2)

Occasional sounds of pebbles dropping on the ground could be heard.

Brendel’s eyelids flitted once before they opened feebly to see complete darkness. There were no signs of the others.

He spat out the dust in his mouth, and his consciousness started to return. He subconsciously called out his Stats Window and relaxed a little when he saw the green fonts appearing in mid-air.

The system indicated there were no broken bones or internal injuries, and he merely suffered some bruises, scratches and a minor concussion.

[I worry a little too much. The resilient body of a Gold-ranker isn’t something to joke about.]

However, no matter how high his perception was, he was unable to see anything if there was no light. He wanted to try and reach for his Light Crystal, but he soon realized there was a large boulder pinning down his body. It was at that moment that he remembered he was knocked out because the ceiling had dropped on him and caused him to faint.

[If I’m a normal human being, I would have been killed immediately, but I’m going to suffocate to death at this rate…..]

He took in a deep breath and pushed against the boulders on him and immediately caused the smaller rocks on it to fall off. He stopped for a moment and tried again, adding Power Break into his hands, and finally removed the debris that was on him.

Once he was free, he stood up and dusted himself off while subconsciously wiping his sweat off, before he realized that he did not work really hard enough to sweat. He took out the Light Crystal and saw blood covering his hand under the weak light.

[Damn it. There’s blood……]

For a moment, Brendel recalled the time when he came into this world. He was definitely skewered by the skeletons when he saved Romaine, but how did he survive?

He initially thought it was Freya who bandaged him and managed to stop the bleeding but was that it? His HP went below negative points, and only a potion would be able to let him survive. It should not be possible for a bandage to work and he would just die from the loss of blood.

He shook his head puzzledly and studied his surroundings for a while, discovering that one of the exits was not completely sealed off. The torches on the walls were extinguished, and the surroundings had significantly changed, making him unable to differentiate the directions.

He was about to check the exit when he heard a pained groan behind him.

[Ah, right, I should check for the others.]

He turned back and started searching for the source of the voice, and indeed saw Scarlett lying still under a pile of broken rocks. Her eyes were tightly shut, and her pointed face was as pale a sheet of paper. Her eyelashes were trembling, and she showed off a weak and quiet side that he had never seen before.

But he did not have time to appreciate this alluring side of hers because of the dripping blood from her forehead.

He suddenly th

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