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Chapter 154:

Brendel had not seen or heard of his Element power before as described in his Character Sheet.

[Causality Reversal, Time Retrace or Space Distortion, these three Element Powers might achieve the same results. I know the description of the Casualty Reversal is ‘Sequence’, that alone proves that it could not be my Element Power. Time Retrace has to be related to the material I’m touching. My attacks need to first hit Kabias for it to work.]

The way of how an Element Power worked at the Gold-tier was entirely autonomous. It had to be an interaction between ‘self’ and ‘target’. Any Time-Element related power was surely incorrect.

[There are many definitions of Space. It could interact greatly with Time Element. Order and Stability can be used to describe Space Distortion, but Vectors, Movement, Physical, Mind and Displacement are also possible attributes. The only thing that’s missing is Frozen, and that has nothing to with Space Distortion. The lower ranked Element Powers: Sure-strike, Refraction, Curved Route, Illusion, all of them are unable to lower the temperature or have anything to do with the description Stability.]

Brendel’s thoughts were interrupted as he felt someone approaching him. A scent of Aouine’s summer mountain entered his nostrils, as though he had crossed a bridge toward verdant greenery. When he turned around, he found Scarlett taking out her personal longsword she hardly used and handing it over to him.

“Here.” She said.

“Thank you.”

Brendel dropped the sword he was holding and received her sword, and saw Kabias’s large body separating from the debris dropping loudly onto the broken rocks. The Skeleton Lord stood up and glared hatefully over to his direction, wary of his Element power.

Its own Element power was Soul Energy strengthening its own attack and defense. It was able to fend off Brendel’s Power Break even without resorting to its own Power Break, but the bizarre Element power the youth possessed had nearly caused it to be suppressed all the time.

The mercenaries had already proceeded to the inner city gates under Medissa’s leadership, but it did not dare to react carelessly and had to wait for an opportunity where it stood.

Its bony fingers went across the dents and cuts on its ancient armor. It was certain of its victory earlier, but the mysterious youth’s attacks made it uncertain whether it was able to truly defend against him now.

The situation was not going to change but it had to at least stall him here.

“Do we defeat it here?” Scarlett readied her halberd and asked.

Brendel shook his head. He had an unknown Element Power that he had never heard or seen before. The grasp on his Element power was fleeting and distant, while Kabias’s true strength far surpassed him. The Skeleton Lord was able to withstand punishment but he could not. Once he made a mistake with his Element power, a counterstrike from Kabias was not something he could withstand.

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