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Chapter 162 – Planeswalker’s battle (5)

As the six bridges smashed onto the ground, the knights lurched forward and fell as though an earthquake had happened.

The young wizard smiled as he lowered his staff. The sounds of horses’ hooves echoed behind him as the riders amongst the mercenaries dashed past him. The young lord who was just behind them drew out his sword, reflecting the stars’ light as it issued a signal:

‘Attack and destroy the enemy before us!’

The knights quickly got up as they saw the approaching mercenaries. Brendel had resummoned his Pristine Angels again, retrieving Medissa’s card from the graveyard, and restoring the angels’ health as though they had never been injured.

The angels flew up and descended upon the knights with their swords. They were no match for Kabias or Iamas, but it was the same for the knights when they tried to attack them. Heads were lopped off one after another, and they ultimately chose to retreat into the manor’s square.

Iamas did not wait any longer and began to drag Graudin away from the window. As long as he was fine, it did not even matter if Firburh was razed to the ground.

Brendel who managed to spot Iamas and Graudin at an arched window, gave a cackling laugh when he saw Iamas pulling Graudin away.

He beckoned to Cornelius and gave instructions to him, who in turn relayed his instructions to his mercenaries.

“Baron Graudin has fled Firburh!”

“Baron Graudin is no longer in Firburh!”

When the knights heard the mercenaries’ cries, they stopped moving and turned to look for Graudin’s location. When they were unable to find him, they tossed down their weapons and put their hands up and gave up. When Brendel’s men flooded the huge mansion, they were unable to find any traces of the wretched noble.

Brendel himself had made a guess as to where they were and entered together with Ciel and Scarlett into a secret passage. It led to a set of spiral staircase that descended deep down.

When he exited the area, he found himself in a hall, not unlike the first time where he and Graudin met, decorated with the same set of crystal chandeliers above him. Two sets of footsteps echoed hurriedly through another corridor, and two figures finally emerged, they found Brendel waiting for them with Ciel lighting up the area with his staff.

Graudin’s eyes nearly popped out when he saw three people waiting for him, wondering if he had somehow gotten betrayed. This place was only known to him.

The same atmosphere was also similar when Brendel gained his Element Power. His eyes glinted dangerously in the dimly lit hall, and could not help but laugh at the familiar sight before him. He had promised to cut off Graudin’s head, and this setting was just too similar to where he threatened him.

Iamas calmly looked at him, almost like he was not surprised. He pushed Graudin back behind him and raised his scythe with his right hand.

“Human, you are far more capable

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