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Chapter 2 – Letter (2)

Amandina was pondering in silence for more solutions before her eyes landed on the pale parchment beneath her lord’s pen. It was gradually turning yellow.

The parchment came from a particular tree from the southern Grinoires. Natives called these trees Duval’s Gold, prized for the creation of thin parchment and equivalent to the value of gold. The completed papers were mostly sent to Seale Ampere, Seifer, Corvado, as well as other rich regions.

However, the transactional relationship between Aouine and other kingdoms were affected because of the brewing civil war.

“My lord,” She suddenly realized something and frowned: “You wish to…… But even if theprincess‘s faction is weak, they might not be interested in what we have to offer. In addition to that, the Royal Faction is uninterested in offending Count Randner.”

“You get to the crux quickly, Amandina,” Brendel folded the paper into the shape of an airplane and sent it flying into the bin, “But what if it’s not borrowing strength, but dividing it?”


“This letter is indeed written to Gryphine Corvado Ordelis. As you have guessed, I am doing this to gain a brief respite from the unending pressure on us,” Brendel said as he got up and passed his pen to Amandina, “Here, write for me.”

“A letter to the princess?” Amandina inhaled lightly when she received the pen. She sat down and pressed it against the paper: “What are the contents?”

“I’ll leave the format to you, and the contents are these,” Brendel snapped his fingers as he went to the arched windows.

“On the seventeen day of the month of Autumn Twilight, this letter is written in the city Firburh of Trentheim, and addressed to Princess Gryphine Corvado Ordelis.

There was a battle on the previous night, and it hailed from the Madara’s undead forces, Incirsta the Black Lord.

They had passed through four southern districts unchecked and launched a secret attack on Firburh, resulting in massive loss of lives and the death of Trentheim’s Feudal Baron, Graudin Randner.

I am a Pioneer Knight of the kingdom with the rank of baron, who set forth in taking new land for the kingdom, and successfully became the lord of the Valhalla region. With my dual status as a new Baron and a region’s lord, your humble servant had the duty to undertake the defense of neighboring Trentheim, especially when I had received Lord Randner’s generosity during my journey.

I successfully repelled the undead after fighting through the entire night. However, in order to prevent the undead from invading again, I had temporarily taken up the position as Trentheim’s lord to handle the local administration and defenses—”

He paused for a moment.

“Until Your Highness appoints a new lord.” He watched Amandina write carefully, her seemingly quick scribbles forming into perfect letters.

“I’m continuing again,” he said, “In addition, I have to question Lord Randner’s motives. He had reported

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