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Chapter 114 – The Final Battle (2)

“Medissa!” Brendel pointed to the path where most of the Lizardmen could come in from.

The Silver Elf princess adjusted her helmet and lowered its flap to cover the upper half of her face, tapped the sides of her unicorn and answered clearly.

“Understood!” Her white chainmail gloves clinked against her long spear as she hoisted it up from the ground and pointed it to the sky. She pursed her faint pink lips, and there was an aura of determination that could be felt in an instant.

The unicorn took a large step forward, allowing the intricate heavy armor on it to clatter. The designs on it were complicated and elegant, but the defensive capability was unbelievably strong against slashing and piercing strikes. Beneath the armor was a set of white robe that prevented chafing, and it was carefully emblazoned with the Elven kingdom’s insignia which were designed with lilies.

“Charge!” The girl shouted and the unicorn sped forth.

The solitary figure ran out from the sides of the ruined walls and dashed down an unrestricted road littered with the Lizardmen that the mercenaries killed earlier.

The armor reflected the sunlight as she charged out, causing the mercenaries to perceive her as a legendary knight that flew out from a painting, and completed the image of a fable transforming into reality.

The road was once used by the Silver Elves to complete rituals, allowing the high priests to bring along the holy artifacts of their Elven Goddess across it. Centuries had passed and grass had covered the white Cloud Rocks that were used to pave this road.

History had not taken kindly to these solemn rituals as records were either lost or destroyed, but the unicorn blazed across the road once again with the Goddess’s will and etched forever in the eyes around her.

[A Silver Elf!]

Conrad’s pupils dilated as he spotted her in the back lines. He whirled around and grabbed Hewjil’s padded armor, yelling in his ears: “You fucking piece of shit, what the fuck did you do! That’s a Silver Elf with the Royal Insignia! How did you provoke the Silver Elves to come out here!”

Hewjil was also shocked out of its senses. It had the idea to rob the Elven Kings’ graves since a long time ago. It was initially careful in his actions, afraid that the legendary Elves sung in bards’ songs and fables who fought against the Dark Armies of a hundred-thousand strong to appear in front of them, but nothing happened as they inched closer every day.

It seemed like the Silver Elves that hid from the world intended to keep their promise and never reappear in this continent again, and Hewjil even thought that the Silver Elves were wiped out for unknown reasons, and it was a lie that there was even an exodus in the past.

Yet the Silver Elves were reappearing before its very eyes. Even though its perception was not as good as Conrad who was a Gold-ranked fighter, it recognized that soldiers were charging

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