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Chapter 130 – Thou art my friend (1)

=========== Princess Gryphine POV ==========

“My lady, there are too many enemies, please move in a little deeper into the carriage.”

Knight Benninger pleaded sincerely outside the carriage, his voice a little urgent. Crossbow bolts from all directions struck onto the inner steel plates of the horse carriage, shaking and causing audible echoes within it. Princess Gryphine did not expect an assassination attempt within her own private lands.

“There’s no need, I’ll wait here for my knights to arrive. But the girl pursed her lips tightly and looked forward with her faint silver eyes.

“My lady—“



“Say no more.” She answered simply. “…… Thank you, Benninger.”

The sounds striking the carriage suddenly stopped, and the youth turned around with one hand on his sword, and had only courage in his heart as his aid.

Gryphine had worn her usual white gown like before and sat with both hands over each other own her knees. Even at her moment of danger, her sitting posture was as refined as any lady. She exuded the ancient royal family’s grace, and even the most austere of nobles would find that she was the brightest gem on the royal crown.

At the opposite of the princess’s eyes, was the only successor to Aouine’s throne. The boy, Haruze was looking at her with a pair of frightened eyes.

“Sister…..” His voice was filled with dread.

She looked coldly at her brother.

“Haruze, pick up your sword and point it to the ground.”

The boy had always listened to her strict sister, and he did not disobey her this time. He overcame his jittery feelings and carefully pointed the sword onto the ground. The sheath of the sword was written with refined letters:

‘Hark and know that my name is courage ‘

This was the motto of the Corvado’s royal family, and was renowned to be the half-Elven princess’s motto. However, it was a blinding irony on the boy. He stood up as held onto the sword and looked at his sister in utter confusion, with tears swimming in his eyes against the danger they were in.

Gryphine sighed when she saw his brother acting in this manner. She softened her features and spoke gently to him: “Don’t worry, your sister will definitely protect you.”

The boy wiped his tears with his sleeves and nodded with vigor at her words.

The forest had gone silent for quite some time. The interior of the carriage also fell into silence because of that. They tried to to pick up any signs of where the enemies were, but heard nothing other than their hearts beating rapidly.

============== Freya POV ============

Barsta, the Royal Cavalry Academy. Everyone in the courtyards, classrooms, corridors, any place with a window, looked up to the sky as the phenomenon happened.

Freya gazed at the blue sky with a central pillar of light connecting the sky and earth together. The clouds had been dispersed around the area, and the purity of the myria

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