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Chapter 138 – Element

Graudin snapped his fingers with a loud snap, and servants appeared to clear the dishes in front of Brendel. After it was cleared, two servants came up bearing a box each and placed them in front of him. They bowed slightly and left the area.

The baron stood up and extended his hand to prompt Brendel to open the box.

Brendel was certain that the bastard in front of him was not giving him gifts. Even though he was a viscount, there was no need for Graduin to bootlick him. If the latter actually chose to do that, even the word shameless would not be enough to describe his character.

He hesitated for a while before nodding to Amandina, indicating for her to open up the box and she did. However, her actions immediately froze when it was slightly ajar.

From Brendel’s point of view, she was clenching her teeth so hard that she seemed to be trembling but it was to prevent herself from screaming in terror.

She stood vacantly in front of the box for a while as though there was some magic restraining her. Her throat shifted slightly as she swallowed and took a deep breath before she opened it fully.

A fork dropped onto the plate. Romaine’s hand stayed in mid-air as she stared at the contents in the box.

Brendel’s expression immediately changed as well.

That was because a human head was placed in it—

To be precise, it was the swordsman he saw earlier. The decapitated head’s eyes were shut tightly and the skin had turned white because blood had been completely drained from it.

Brendel did not utter a word.

Amandina glanced at him for a moment before her hands slowly reached for the next box. Her heart was beating so fast that she felt faint, but she was determined to act her role. Her trembling fingers touched the box’s wooden frame, stopped for a second then slowly lifted it up.

It was another head — The baronet’s daughter Fenna.

Blood drained from Amandina’s face.

“The taste of that woman’s blood is quite good,” Baron Graudin had a pleasant smile as he spoke: “But a gentleman wouldn’t steal someone’s else belongings. I have heard that the skull of a young girl used as a wine glass makes the wine even better. Lord Brendel, you ought to try it sometime. The other head is a complimentary gift—”

Before he finished his words, there was a light humming sound in the hall.

Everyone’s eyes went to the source of the noise and discovered Brendel’s sword drawing itself halfway out from its sheath. It was vibrating so fast that it caused the hum they heard earlier, and it looked like it was about to fly out.

The youth had both of his hands planted onto the table with tightly pursed lips.

Everyone felt a cold air emitting from him as though there was a palpable killing intent about him.

The nobles near Brendel dropped their utensils and even fell out of their seats as they watched in horror. That murderous aura intensified and the knights around Graudin drew out their

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