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Chapter 58 – King of the underground (9)

The underground world was seemingly shrouded in endless darkness. The long tunnels were mostly silent, with the exception of the rare dripping sound of water onto the ground.

Medissa had to rest after driving away large batches of uninvited creatures that came from the deeper levels. Even though she was a spirit, it did not mean her Soul Fire could continuously output energy. There was a limit that how active an undead could be.

But there was no need for her to require the use of external sources of light. Her eyes glowed in the darkness from her Soul Fire and allowed her to see far into the tunnels.

The Elven princess did not sit down. She was currently standing up against the wall while holding on to her spear. Countless shards of Rock Panther filled the area around her, as well as the path she had taken earlier. After a moment of silence, she faced towards the end of a forked corner and asked:

“Is there a lift in that direction?”

The only person who was breathing came from the other end of the tunnel. She was not alone in the darkness.

“Yes.” A voice answered her.

Medissa did not reply. She suddenly gripped her lance and readied herself in a combat stance. But she soon had delight on her face and shouted:

“My lord!”

The people who came were Brendel and Scarlett, the latter holding up a Light Crystal to light the area. They did not appear too surprised to see Medissa. Ultimately, there were only three possible people who had enough power.

Medissa, Kodan, or the culprits behind the attacks.

But they paused as the light revealed someone else in the tunnel.

“Medissa,” Brendel said, “how did he…..?”

He looked at the silent Kodan sitting on the ground and immediately felt a little confused. The fearsome old man looked thoroughly battered. His forehead, face, and his bluish-grey uniform were full of blood stains. Even his greyish-white hair was a mess.

“Ser Kodan was injured earlier.” Medissa said.

She pointed out subtly and left out information. But she was certain that Brendel understood what she was had in mind.

But the old man scoffed: “Just spit it out. I have become your prisoner. It seems that this little girl still believes I have some use and temporarily sealed a truce between both us.” He tilted his head and looked at Brendel: “But she’s real respectful towards you, boy, saying that the decision is left to her ‘lord’. Go ahead and make it. Do you want to kill or torture me?”

The truth in his mind was something different. He was cursing the Elven girl’s cunning actions. When the mine collapsed, anybody’s instinct ought to be surviving, even for Gold-ranked fighters.

But he would never have known that Medissa was not a ‘living’ person. Her first action was not to retreat but to continue attacking him when the rocks collapsed around them. It was an action equivalent to suicide, and even someone as composed as Kodan received a

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