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Chapter 18 – The battle for the sawmills (5)

The bowstrings were released in a cacophony. Countless projectiles were fired and covered the ground like a cloud casting shadows over it. The Subterrane Dwellers at the forefront felt like they crashed into a wall. Projectiles littered across the smooth pebbles, and they stepped onto the bolts in confusion, stumbling and falling over. Very quickly, they were turned into corpses as arrows continued to fill their bodies.

The raining arrows completely ambushed the Subterrane Dwellers, and those at the frontlines retreated in a panic. However, the creatures at the back continued to advance, and thus they collided and fell into complete disarray.

[[That’s a great chance!]]

Jana and Raban immediately had this thought. They unsheathed their rapier and greatsword respectively, ready to lead their men to charge into battle and finish them.

But Brendel’s sword swung downwards and cut across a line in front of their feet. The wind pressure cut through the ground deeply, before it ended up in a tree and climbed upwards, causing branches and leaves to be severed. Both of them held their breaths and gaped. They turned around involuntarily to look at Brendel.

“My lord?” Raban asked.

“Prepare an attack formation at the river.” The Nightsong Tiger and his men were engaging the Subterrane Dwellers on the river’s coast, charging straight into their tail.

“My lord, but…..” Jana gritted her white teeth and looked hatefully at the panicking monsters in the river. “This is an opportunity.”

“Your opponents are not humans.” Brendel glanced at her and answered simply. He pointed his finger to his ears. These creatures fought in the darkness their whole lives and relied on their hearing senses to discern the creatures around them. They were much more responsive in handling unknown situations better than humans.

This ambush might have caused them to be in complete chaos, but they were going to recover very quickly. Their way of communication was emitting pitched frequencies, and it was far more effective compared to humans who relied on flags and uniforms to discern direction and allies.

[The Subterrane Dwellers recover much more quickly compared to other army types. The worst of them all is Earth Spirits, once they lose their formation they can’t regroup. The group immune to panic or confusion from ambushes is the undead. Only incredibly well-trained armies can take advantage of the Subterrane Dwellers. You mercenaries are not.]

The only way to take advantage was to attack the moment they fell into chaos, but only an exceptionally trained army would be able to do so.

The two commanders were still unconvinced, but Cornelius pulled out his longsword and walked in between them. “We should listen to our lord,” he had instinctively realized something was different about the Underworld creatures, “we lack the experience to fight these monsters.”

Brendel raised his eyebrow as h

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