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Chapter 161 – Planeswalker’s battle (4)

Ciel completed his spell.

When Iamas finally forced his way through the endless arrays of golden pillars of light and knocked away the angels in his path, he found Brendel behind a Magic Wall. Countless lines of light had weaved into walls that extended before Brendel on four sides. He rushed forward and tried to cut through the wall, sending a shower of sparks.

His pupils contracted, and he made the decision to retreat. The wall had turned into a physical wall made of Laws cast by a master wizard. The youth was a Golden-ranked swordsman as well, and it was impossible to end things quickly. He thought he could rely on his proud speed to gain victory, but his opponent had decisively abandoned supporting the entire battlefield by summoning all the strange orbs just to slow him down.

It was a failure.

[The fact that he used his entire formation of Light Orbs and called back his Master Wizard…… Either he’s someone who’s utterly afraid of getting injured, or he has incredible judgment. Regardless, he has definitely won.]

When he looked back at Brendel’s light brown eyes as he retreated, he saw his opponent staring back at him without any signs of emotion, appearing like an enemy who had fought against him for many years.

Brendel was exactly what he had thought of. The battles he had fought against Iamas in the Kingdom of Knights, Glace, were no less than ten times over the years in the game. Iamas had attained the Blood of Evil Dragon and was even more formidable than he appeared now, but be it in the game or the world here; he had not changed in the slightest.

Therefore Brendel’s strategies on him were effective and served only to confuse Iamas, who found it more and more bizarre.

“Stop him from escaping!” Brendel bellowed when he found Iamas had the desire to retreat. Several of the mercenaries jumped up as they were startled at his ear-splitting roar.

[This fucker is the commander who completely broke through Bruglas in the game, I can’t let him escape!]

Even though Iamas did not improve as much over the ages, he remained as the best tactician amongst the Four Knights. If he were killed, it would be the equivalent of cutting of Tarkus’s right arm, and governing the southern region of Aouine would be less stressful, not to mention that he was going to face the House of Randner’s fury.

Iamas scoffed furiously at Brendel’s words. Even though he was unable to get to Brendel quickly, he felt that victory would not be on the latter’s side so easily if he went all-out. However, he had to ensure Graudin’s safety and had to retreat to reform the city’s soldiers into a defensive line. He was ultimately a general who looked at the bigger picture at all times.

His entire body was a blur, easily stopping before Ciel’s Time-stop barrier and evading it. The two Pristine Angels came at him again, but with a leap into the air, he had easily dodged them. Scarlett barely cau

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