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Chapter 113 – The Final Battle (1)

Nalaethar, the Nightsong Tiger, Scarlett and Sanford stood quietly behind Brendel.

He supported himself against the Elven ruin’s rugged wall, his hand holding on to a stone tile as he peeked out at the Lizardmen in the valley. His line of sight was blocked by the many trees and ruined walls, and the Lizardmen appeared in and out from the tiny holes approximately a mile away.

The stone tile in the youth’s hand was the Sage Slate. It was the size of a fist, and on it was carved with rune letters, ‘Eaam’. This word represented the land’s life and wisdom.

Since he already got the Sage Slate, his goals were half completed. The only thing left to do was to get Medissa’s pendant back from that Lizardman leader.

[Two large companies of Lizardmen, their numbers no smaller than three hundred. It seems like there are more of them at the back. Conrad and Hewjil must have met up already, they are pretty cautious, huh.]

Brendel had led a sneak attack into the heart of the Elven ruins with his men. With the aid of Medissa and Scarlet who were Gold-ranked fighters, he successfully routed the two hundred odd Lizardmen, which they ended up as Brendel’s XP. He then moved on to the entrance of the ruins where he waited for Conrad and Hewjil’s arrival.

He looked up at the clear sky that was in a shade of deep blue. The sun at noon was directly hitting the forest with its rays of light, causing the top of the trees to turn to a piercing green color.

He narrowed his eyes.

There was a faint scent of blood in the air. Even though he had ordered the men to clean the battlefield, there was still the remnants of a skirmish between his men and the Lizardmen.

When he was pondering on his next step, he suddenly heard a shuffling noise behind him. When he turned around, he saw the Elven princess tying her silver hair that reached her shoulders. She rode on her unicorn, wearing an ornate full plate armor that was painted in a saintly white color and complemented her regal appearance. Light shimmered on her legs as the layers of interlocking armor plates moved ever so slightly, and Sanford mistook it for a silver dress for a moment. Her eyes were so clear that they looked like crystals. She was so beautiful that he lost his breath when his eyes went up to her face.

Medissa’s unicorn trotted over and she looked at Brendel with a smile.

[Thank you, my lord-] She spoke in Brendel’s mind.

“It is my promise to help you.” Brendel tore his eyes away from her with much difficulty and replied as he looked at the valley again.

Medissa’s face turned a little red. His words made her recall what happened on that day. She was so afraid of disappearing that she cried in front of everyone and forgot about the Silver Elves’ royal etiquette.

She turned her head a little out of embarrassment and suddenly saw Scarlett who was standing further away from the others.

Her eyes in the shade seemed like two

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