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Chapter 121 – The Final Battle (9)

The Elven commander took off his pointed helmet which had a few streaks of gold painted over it to distinguish him as a commander. He shook his head, and his beautiful silver hair fell down like a waterfall. He exhaled slowly, and looked coldly at the battlefield’s messy appearance. The Lizardmen’s corpses were strewn over over their Elven grounds with blood forming into moving streams. There was a piercing stench of blood in the air, which would have made normal people queasy in their stomachs, but it was the scent of victory to the Silver Elves.

[No. This is not victory yet.]

Hewjil had escaped. Nalaethar’s men wanted to chase it but he stopped them from doing so. He flicked his sword once in the air to remove blood from it and placed it back into the sheath. The ornate design of the sword’s hilt glittered in the sun as he signaled to his men to gather up and get ready for their next move, not wasting any time.

The Nightsong Tiger brought back the other team of Silver Elves. He frowned when he saw Nalaethar’s appearance. The latter already appeared cold and distant, and the blood on his armor added on a disconcerting feeling to him. However, this somehow made him look seductive even to the Nightsong Tiger for some odd reason.

“Commander.” The Nightsong Tiger’s surprise only lasted for a short while: “I think our battle here is over.”

“Yes.” Nalaethar nodded.

The flag on the building was still upright, but no one knew how the battle between the mercenaries and the Lizardmen progressed.

“We can’t call this a victory yet.” Nalaethar said: “We must abide to our original plan and return to the agreed meeting place right now. I hope that your lord has fulfilled his promise instead of wasting his life.”

“What?” The Nightsong Tiger interrupted him: “Our lord’s orders are different. We’re supposed to clear out the remaining lizardmen in the backlines if it came to that.”

Nalaethar looked at him with arrogant indifference.

“You saw that monster as well, and it is much stronger than what your lord had described in his plans. Even with our powers at their peak, we would need at least three of us in order to fight it to a standstill. Do you truly believe your lord can take it on by himself for so long? He is in grave danger.”


“There is no time left for arguments. The choices before you are your lord or Amandina, and the importance of your lord outweighs her. Do you truly need to choose? In the battle against the Dragon of Darkness, there is no room for benevolence. The standards for judging the situation lies in the conclusion of the battle.”

The Nightsong Tiger could not help but look at Amandina’s direction. Brendel clearly ordered the mercenaries to protect her.

Nalaethar shook his head: “Very well, human, I will tell you a secret. I have already asked Amandina to place your lord’s safety as priority before she went off to command the mercenaries. I

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