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Chapter 129 – Reinforcements

The mood in the forest was turning awkward.

As a Grandmaster wizard in the royal court, Fleetwood understood many of the events that happened before his very eyes, but he did not know how to react to it.

[Divine Artifact Resonance, Ancient Magic, knowing all our plans…..! Mother Marsha, what’s going on?! If this is really a dragon before us, we won’t be able to stop him from running even if he is at a young age.] (TL: I feel like it’s becoming a running joke as to how many different ways Brendel can be mistaken as.)

But Brendel was just as confused like them.

After that phenomenon, he had no desire to continue talking to them and wanted to leave. The biggest problem to him right now was the amount of people who had witnessed such the powerful magic that happened in the area. Anyone with common sense would believe that something wondrous appeared in this region. The southern region must be in a state of confusion right now, and adventurers from nearby,including the disliked wizards, would be rushing all over to this area very soon.

[Shit, this whole area is going to be in a state of chaos. I need to leave as soon as possible in case any idiots come after me.]

Brendel had considered many times as to how he would affect the history, but he did not expect to do just that after a few months he arrived in this world. He was not prepared for that and also not concerned about the Lionheart, but worried about the plan to take over the land he was targeting in the Randner region. He was even worried that it would change the princess’s next move in the future.

[A butterfly effect that changes the entire future will be the worst outcome—]

Brendel was already having cold sweat on his forehead and the tips of his fingers were cold.

When Brendel was still considering this problem, there was a sudden applause in the forest. He looked over to Fleetwood and Makarov immediately, but found they were initially confused as well, before they broke into a delighted smile.

Brendel immediately turned around and discovered a middle-aged man wearing a thick purple coat with an inner white shirt walking out from the forest. The latter was clapping with a large smile on his face.

“So this is Mister Brendel mentioned by the Cunning Fox? A young genius indeed. Your plan is really something that a normal person couldn’t come up with.”

[Another person with an Unsealed Element power? ……Wait, I recognize this person.]

The corners of Brendel’s eyes twitched. He was Count Barre Deorwine, the right hand of Duke Rhun, and ruled over the fief Matthiola.

Brendel had conversed quite a few times in the game with him. Although he looked like he was someone who backstabbed people easily, he was actually a rare noble who was honest and upright to a fault. While he was considerably skilled, Buga turned out to be the greater warrior and reached over level eighty, approximately forty years later.

He ult

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