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Chapter 41 – Silver mine (2)

“I don’t have firm information about the silver veins in the forest,” the owner lowered his body and whispered, “but if you do not lack money you can approach the well-known local adventurers here, they have entered the forest many times and even drew maps of the nearby areas.”

“How useful are these maps?”


Brendel nodded and asked information regarding the town’s workers and the patrolling time of the soldiers near the mines. He thought he made his group look like they were out for adventuring, but the innkeeper saw them as naive scions of nobles who were out for fun.

Neither cared about their misunderstandings, and the conversation continued until a dwarf nearly crashed onto Brendel as he stumbled close towards him.

“Excuse me,” Odum looked at the youth and barely recognized him as the person who came in earlier. His eyes were almost accusatory, as though Brendel was at fault, and shook his head in disapproval.

Brendel’s mouth nearly dropped. The path was wide enough for the old dwarf to walk by, but the latter made him sound like his chair was blocking his way. He did not want to have a scene, so he pulled his chair in after a moment of hesitation, but suddenly whirled his head back to the dwarf again.

Odum’s face was red from the alcohol and Brendel thought he was a common Mountain Dwarf, but the color of his arms was light grey.

The youth’s heart skipped a beat.

[A Rune Dwarf?]

He felt like he was somehow asleep and wanted to pinch the dwarf’s face to confirm whether he was sleeping, or if the latter was real.

The Rune Dwarves in Vaunte’s history was not as prominent as the Silver Elves, and they come from the Jurgen Underworld just like the Subterrane Dwellers, but their status was unique because they were from the Silver Lineage that disappeared from history a long time ago.

It was believed that the Rune Dwarves had died out during the Era of Chaos, but rumors indicated that the race survived because there was another city in the Underworld cut off by the Mercury Sea.

Either way, Brendel did not think he had the chance to see a living Rune Dwarf, mostly recognizable by their skin color as no other dwarves had the same color.

These Rune Dwarves were the builders of the Steel Plains, and their architectural skills were considered on par with the Wizard Craftsmen, though the Rune Dwarves were dissatisfied with the evaluation. Unfortunately, they would never be able to truly compete because the dwarves’ buildings were located in the Underworld and the Wizard Craftsmen’ buildings on the surface.

Brendel calmed himself after a short pause.

[It might be possible he’s from a bloodline that drifted outside the Underworld. Every race has their own adventurers no matter what kind of traits they have. Though these drifters might not have their cultural heritage, and some of them don’t even know what race they belong to.]

Perhaps no one in

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