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Chapter 57 – King of the underground (8)

============= Brendel’s POV ==============

The battle that Brendel had almost did not give him any loot, and the experience he gained was a pittance.

Before he started searching amongst the rubble, he had told the worker to stay behind for a moment while he and Scarlett investigated the creatures.

[Killing Iron-ranked creatures and below hardly nets any XP at my level. This is the same XP reduction in the game.]

The single loot he found amongst the rubble was an ogre ring. It raised the wearer’s strength and was rated accordingly as a prefix for equipment. The lowest rated Strength Ring was a ‘Ghoul Ring’, and the highest rated Strength Ring was ‘Colossal Dragon Ring’.

The Ogre Ring that he had gotten was a 20 OZ ring, which far surpassed his expectations for a loot drop. The odds were a 1/1000 chance for a level 15 creature to drop a magical equipment like this. The best item that a level 15 creature could drop was a 25 OZ defensive item, but the odds were even higher at 1/10000, which any gamer would not perceive as a possibility to get it realistically.

[But to get such an item when my luck is pretty much shitty at all times…..]

He could not help but glance at Scarlett. Was she some kind of luck idol?

He inspected the ring and saw that it raised the wearer’s strength by 5%. Because of the implanted Spectral Knight’s crystal and Power Break, his strength was close to a hundred in stats. It could raise approximately five strength points.

But when he looked at his index fingers and thumbs, he saw that he was already wearing the Ring of the Wind Empress, the Flame Ring, the Warrior Ring, and the Minor Serpent Ring. Brendel thought for a moment and decided to throw the Ogre Ring to Scarlett.

(TL: Minor Serpent Ring is dropped off from some mob, adds 0.1 OZ to dexterity.)

“That’s a ring that raises your strength by approximately five percent.” He said.

Scarlett caught the ring with a little confusion in her mind: “…… B-but I don’t have any combat abilities.”

“…… That’s a temporary thing. You can recover your strength very soon.” Brendel said.

“Is that really true?” Her amber eyes lit up immediately. She wore the ring on her thumb, and her careful expressions looked like she was guarding an invaluable treasure.

Brendel’s hands clenched into fists, and was momentarily silent before he nodded in the end.

“When have I ever lied? Of course, it’s real.”

She immediately showed a dazzling smile of delight, but her keen observation detected a subtle change in Brendel’s face, and her smile faltered.

“The reason why I will recover is that I will turn into a complete God Acolyte?”

His white lie was exposed very quickly, and he slowly nodded.

“That’s fine. I’m not afraid of turning into a monster. I’m more afraid of losing my strength since I can’t fight for you any longer.”

There was a short moment of silence between the two.


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