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Chapter 9 – Territory (3)

“But I belong to the Royal Faction,” the old man shook his head and raised the waterskin bag in his hands, “does Lord Trentheim really believe that a small act of kindness will move me?”

“Why not listen to me for a while? Different actions during different situations have another meaning. Stubbornly refusing to change will lead to ruin, just like how Duke Everton did. Surely you have experienced it for yourself by staying in this prison.”

“Then go ahead and try to convince me, young man.” Bosley scoffed.

“Two weeks ago, under Queen Anna, the elder son was announced as heir to the throne. House Seifer, Marquis Kluge and the nobles under his faction support him. Even though you have been imprisoned for years, surely you are familiar with their names?”

“What! What are Lord Oberbeck and the others doing to allow that bastard Kluge to get a hold of one of the royal family’s scion? What of His Majesty?”

Brendel merely gazed back at him without answering.

Bosley pulled back a little, his grey hair shaking a few times, while his wrinkles sank deeper and he looked as defeated as he could possibly be.

“How…… How…… If this is so…… Then our efforts are completely wasted,” he mumbled to himself for a few seconds, but he was someone who experienced all sorts of hardships and he recovered himself. “Lord Oberbeck isn’t a fool to suffer Kluge clowning antics. If that rat succeeded, surely it must be due to another reason?”

Brendel nodded, although he disagreed with Bosley’s assessment.

[Kluge is a core member of the Unifying Guild, he’s definitely not someone useless.]

He began to inform Bosley of the recent events. Because of his insight to Madara’s actions, Bosley quickly realized the meaning to the war was something different in its nature. (TL: It is hinted that Kluge persuaded the king to allow Madara’s invasion to happen to clean up the nobles straying away from the crown, although no one is certain whether the king actually allowed it to happen on purpose or he’s actually dead or influenced? Lots of question marks.)

“Madara’s invasion, you say……”


Bosley’s face was drained of all colors.

“Then, it means the Mercury Staff has reappeared? Loptr’s Mercury staff?” There was a sudden glint in the old man’s cloudy eyes.

Brendel’s mouth parted slightly. He did not expect Bosley to know of the staff. The legends of the Mercury Staff was hardly known, and the gamers actually had to do story quests not only in Aouine and other kingdoms to piece the story together.

“You know of the Mercury staff?” Brendel said.

“Of course,” Bosley scratched his head, sending specks of dust flying about. He walked a few unsteady steps closer to Brendel: “Not only do I know, I know the origin of it.”

“Oh?” Brendel’s eyes opened wider with interest. He had not seen or heard anything related to the staff’s origin. The legends only depicted Loptr having that staff before it appear

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