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Chapter 25 – Expansion (6)

========== Tagiv’s POV =============

The ball of lightning exploded in the darkness like fireworks, and the combination of electricity and fire immediately penetrated past the first three Subterrane Dwellers and expanded out like a fan.

A group of Subterrane Dwellers collapsed.

Tagiv jumped up in fright. It was not because Scarlett’s terrifying attack pressured him. He already knew that power at a Slavelord’s level could increase many times with a concentrated blow. But what shook him was the fact that the Subterrane Dwellers’ formations started to crumble.

[What’s happening?!]

The Underworld creature’s eyes darted around the battlefield and suddenly realized the sounds that commanded the battlefield had stopped.

[I lost six Camlu. These two humans seemed to know our ways of commanding the battlefield—]

Tagiv’s heart suddenly pulsed faster, but he did not even have the time to mourn because the two humans had started to intersect each other and were killing a path towards him.

Their speed was exceedingly fast, and the disorganized Subterrane Dwellers could not stop them, and they closed in more than half the distance between them.

Tagiv naturally did not wait there for them to kill him and attempted to organize a defense by screaming at the nearest Camlu. The elite warriors tried to follow his orders, but the two humans accurately removed them. After several tries, the Witch Doctor gave up this meaningless attempt and furthermore it did not have that many Camlu to spend.

Tagiv was finally starting to become anxious after losing half his elite warriors. Time did not allow it to overthink. It glanced around; the Earth Spirit Bears were guarding him.

[It’s time for these giants to be useful here. Even though they are the most powerful forces in our tribe, I don’t want to die meaninglessly to the two humans nearing me with every step.]

It made a gesture. It was a magic blessing that enhanced creatures to gain even more combat prowess, with the price of temporarily stealing their sight. This spell raised the Earth Bear Spirits, which had the peak strength of an Iron-ranked fighter, to gain the abilities of a Silver-ranked fighter.

In truth, it was a subtype of Black Magic which did significant damage to the receiver. But Tagiv had no idea what it was exactly, as the shamanic abilities it had were derived from bloodlines. It was the blessing of the Cave Witch, and every Witch Doctor learned this as their first magic spell, without any regards to its fairness.

Tagiv raised its three bony fingers, poured out ashes onto the ground, and cast the Blind Blessing spell. This made the Earth Spirit Bears blind, but it did not affect their abilities because they had been trained to fight without any sight, and they were mostly unaffected.

Every Underworld citizen understood that eyesight was unnecessary.

Finally, Tagiv pointed out to the humans and uttered a guttural

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