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Chapter 33 – Expansion (14)

“……. Lord Macsen’s army has reached Port Gris.” Brendel said.

Everyone was taken aback and were unable to react. Brendel did not request Bosley to leave when he informed his subordinates, but the latter bowed slightly and said:

“Since this topic is unrelated to me, this old man shall take his leave,” he said and acted accordingly to the nobles’ etiquette by placing his left hand over his chest, “although, my lord, I’ll be waiting to hear good news from you.”

Bosley then left the courtyard with leisurely footsteps.

“What’s going on?” Jana glared at Bosley’s back and saw him disappear behind a wall while she asked. She then turned around to face Brendel: “We hadn’t received news that of any army departing.”

“The scouts sent news directly to the Nightsong Tiger,” Brendel explained, and he introduced the young Wild Elf girl next to him: “This is Felaern, I believe you have seen her before. I’ll let her speak.”

Everyone’s gaze fell onto her, but she continued to wear a stoic expression, raising her chin a little as she repeated the information that she told Brendel.

Their faces took on odd expressions when they heard Lord Macsen only brought seven hundred-odd soldiers over the river. The enemy’s army was comprised of mostly private soldiers recruited from farmers, a portion of it mercenaries, and a small handful of knights.

“Wait, this idiot lord, surely he’s not eager to send himself to his death right?” Jana flipped a few strands of her long red hair back behind her neck, shaking her head without comprehension: “We can take him down easily in a single swoop if he brought so little men.”

“Is it possible that it’s some form of trap?” Cornelius asked cautiously.

“No, I think it’s because Lord Macsen believes that the mercenaries wouldn’t be so bold, to the point that they would stay here,” Brendel explained his thoughts to them, “Graudin’s most loyal knights were killed by us long ago, and the remaining private soldiers he had were shady adventurers and questionable mercenaries. When they were driven away by us, do you think they would escape to Lord Macsen or Lord Palas to report Firburh’s situation?”

The mercenaries were silent. It was not exactly an honorable thing to abandon their lords, especially in this era. It was possible for the deserters to be sent to the gallows so no one would do something so disadvantageous.

“Which is why the news Lord Macsen and Lord Palas received came from other sources. For example, the news came from the Firburh’s refugees.” He continued to explain.

“We locked down the surrounding areas around Firburh to prevent Graudin’s soldiers from running away that particular night,” Amandina added after Brendel’s words, “and your men were sent to the various chokepoints within ten miles of the city. You know it best whether Lord Macsen’s scouts managed to infiltrate the city.”

Jana and Cornelius exchanged glances. Their mercenaries were hi

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