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Chapter 160 – Planeswalker’s Battle (3)

Fifty golden pillars of flames shot out from every direction of Kabias’s body. They burned and melted its ancient armor as waves of wind exploded from its body. The temperature continued to rise until the air was hot enough to twist the light and distort Kabias’s appearance. The ancient armor disintegrated completely.

“For Madara!!!” The Skeleton Lord’s angry roars echoed in the night sky. The pillars of light had flashed three times before it finally dissipated—

“Marsha above, that fool—”

Rothko’s Soul Fire in his eyes danced when it saw the remnants of the beautiful flames. He cursed once through his teeth before he slid weakly against the wall.

He shook his head. To think he once thought himself as a genius.

============ Iamas’s POV =============

Iamas’s eyes narrowed as he threw down a mercenary’s corpse. His stable Soul Barrier was quivering widely. Scarlett’s earlier technique had managed to pierce through his barrier just for a few moments before he restored it and made it even stronger.

[Something is causing my barrier to shake— But there shouldn’t be an existence that’s more powerful than me.]

Suddenly everyone in the inner city felt their souls shake, almost as if something screamed at them. It first spread from the mercenaries nearest to the city gates, to the skeleton soldiers which had their Soul Fire dimming as though a wind had threatened to extinguish them.

The battle stopped momentarily.

Scarlett got up slowly. Blood was streaming down all over her injuries, and she wiped her the blood on her chin with her fist. Her amber eyes still held an obstinate glare, but momentarily looked up to the sky. She had felt her soul tremble as well.

Something cracked loudly, and she reacted immediately by looking for the source of the sound.

She discovered black fragments falling over her head before it disappeared into thin air. More cracking sounds spread across the battlefield, and she saw fragments raining across the streets.

Iamas grunted in pain.

[Someone has forcefully broken apart my barrier?! How is this possible!]

His Soul Fire felt like it had been turned to ice when it held the possibility that there was something out there that could defeat him. Suddenly a shining orb of light streaked across the sky, like an impossibly bright firefly.

More of them quickly appeared and moved across the battlefield in a disorderly manner. Everyone’s confused gazes followed them as they streaked across their heads. The lights suddenly became dazzling like stars.

A Holy Aura was gathering in the vicinity.

“Dragon Knights, attack!” Someone yelled.

The first beam of light suddenly descended from the sky, piercing through the darkness and illuminating the ground. The nearest mercenaries were just in time to see it penetrating through three skeletons as the beam of light moved in sudden and impossible angles.

Skull, ribs, and pelvis.

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