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Chapter 120 – The Final Battle (8)

When Brendel activated his ability, he suddenly realized that he was unable to handle the air resistance as the warhorse charged through the area. Scarlett had taken the brunt of the first time he used it, but now that he was alone he reached his limits to handle it.

It was nearly impossible for a player in the game to get a pet that surpassed their own stats, but Brendel had gotten a mount that had an innate 132 OZ worth of agility. With the ability Charge added to it, he had completely broken the sound barrier so many times that he felt like he had turned into a fly that crashed onto a sheet of metal and was dragged through nearly fifteen kilometers with an insane speed.

When it finally stopped, Brendel could not stop himself from vomiting out the contents of his stomach. Blood was flowing from his eyes, nose and ears. His organs were completely damaged, and green words kept flashing in his eyes. The remaining life he had was literally a few pixels left on his HP bar.

[How did Scarlett managed to endure that? Did she use her spear or something to cut through air resistance?]

Brendel had twenty times the normal physique of a normal person and his defense and regeneration was just barely enough for him to survive that. If he was given enough time to rest, that physique would even allow him to recuperate without side effects.

[There’s no time to rest and that monster definitely won’t give me time to do so. Because it travels in a straight line at such a ridiculous speed, we couldn’t outrun it earlier. Give it a minute and it would be next to me again. Should I sacrifice this card and let it go to the graveyard?]

He broke into another bout of cold sweat when he remembered how difficult it was to escape from Ekman.

This was a desperate move to have his mount lure the enemy away, but the closer he was able to get to the meeting place, the stronger the Silver Elves would become when they joined up with him. Despite the numerous twists and turns, he was able to travel nearly forty kilometers from where he started and was close to where the Silver Elves fought Redi.

Twenty Silver Elves at level 50 would be enough to handle a level 50 Boss. When Nalaethar finished his battle, he would return to the meeting place with his full speed.

[The travel time for them to return is ten minutes. Once the Lizardmen fall below a certain number they will probably retreat. Perhaps twenty minutes for them to give up? Hewjil is one thing, but hopefully Medissa can kill Conrad.]

Brendel spent a few seconds to consider the outcomes and his options. He did not find any obvious shortcomings to his plans, so he got off the horse and patted its metallic head. This machine like artifact seemed like it was created by some factory in his previous world. It was intricately built and its toughness was extraordinary, appearing like it was never going to tire. Even that attack from Ekman only put a small

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