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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter136


TL: This is a donated chapter.

50.1% vs 49.9% – Sophie is a terrible name for the male protagonist. Please don’t name your children that.

72.6 % vs 27.4% – Don’t erase the name out.

Congrats to the majority, you won a major victory and you shall suppress the minority with the powers of democracy. I shall therefore stick to my original plan with some minor corrections to my mistakes.

64% – chose ‘what’ on the third question?

In the case of Su Fei and Souffle, and actually explained in the comments of the last chapter –

The Chinese pronunciation of Su Fei – Sue Fey

The pronunciation of Souffle – Sue Fley

The pronunciation of Sophie – So Fee

Sophie might be the direct name translation of the Chinese characters but the English pronunciation is just off the mark.

Recently there has been an interesting mod post on novelupdates forums asking whether Brendel is good-looking or not, because the tags at NU keep getting changed and deleted to “average-looking protagonist” and the mod got irritated over it (lol).

To put it simply, he’s good-looking enough to be easy on the eyes, but not on the level of ManSexGod™.

Whatever arguments or reasons you have in your mind that includes “But he’s a NPC so he’s generic looking!” or “I’m pretty sure I remember him as plain!”, take it from your translator who has reached the *SPOILER* in the story, there is zero chance of Brendel being an average-lookingNPCfodderand thus invalidatesanyandallother arguments.

Anything else that I have done like outright describe him as plain-looking, is wrong and I will change it. I don’t think I did that, other than the early start of the series with something along the lines of “he’s a youth you can find anywhere in the kingdom”.

As for the progress on the new website, it’s going to have to be slightly barebones in design for now. I never did really solve the exact codes for back/next button, so the codes are the default wordpress boolean check on categories. I’ll do some manual coding if it really fails.

I want to roll out the website, preferably on 1st May, then store wolfietranslation into the freezer.

Chapter 136 – Dispute.

“Father!” A sudden childish outcry of anxiety and unease suddenly cut through the cavalry’s sneering laughter.

A haggard-looking woman covered her child’s mouth and looked at the riders with fearful eyes. Silence covered the entire street as the leader of the riders dismounted and walked slowly over to her. His gait had a certain threatening weight to it as he carried his large spear over his shoulders.

While his eyes were dyed with surprise from the cry earlier, it could not hide the disdain in them.

“This boy knows that wretched thing?” The stout man licked his lips as he pointed with his spear to the blood-stained corpse on the ground. His comrades came up as well and surrounded her like a pack of hyenas.

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